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Regeneron’s A Beautiful Pair

The prospect of vision loss is scary. People with certain types of retinal disease are already dealing with a difficult condition and the accompanying treatment. Add to that the worry — about missing out on life’s moments, about possibly losing their independence, about what could come next. We needed a way to get patients to take a more active role in their disease management, to feel empowered and hopeful.

To inspire patients, we created A Beautiful Pair, a magical tale starring two eyes linked together as they march through life while seeing and experiencing everything side by side. When they face the adversity of retinal disease, they refuse to back down.

The story features an expansive, impeccably detailed stop-motion world, entirely crafted by hand. All the details, from color combinations to the speed at which movement occurs, were designed with visual impairment in mind. Our lovable eyes journey across an immersive multichannel universe composed of TV, custom print, high-impact digital media, a complete website redesign, an educational YouTube channel, and Lea – our virtual personality chatbot offering 24/7 guidance on the EYLEA consumer website.

So far, the brand has seen 4 million YouTube channel impressions, a 565% increase in site visits year over year, and a 75% increase in CRM signups.


Shire’s MyDayIs

What’s the secret to standing out in an extremely crowded market? Know your audiences.

The launch of long-acting ADHD medication, Mydayis, is a tenaciously targeted, distinct and vibrant example of non-pharma pharma. Imparting a mesmerizing tone, hyper-stylized look and forward-thinking strategy, our multichannel professional and consumer campaigns began by identifying the right target.

In addition to being the most-often diagnosed adult population, our #ladyboss Millennial understands the impact of her symptoms 9-5 and 5-9 p.m. We just needed to figure out how to speak her language. Then help the pros value it. We sponsored the full adult day, recognizing symptoms at home and with friends were as disruptive as those at work.

The brand logged 35 million media impressions among HCPs and 968 million among consumers over a three-month period and already has 18 award wins under its belt, including the PM360 Trailblazer Award; Best New Brand or Indication Website; Award of Excellence in Video: Outdoor/Environmental: Use of Graphics; and Award of Excellence in Websites: Pharmaceuticals; and Pharmaceuticals Standard of Excellence.

In fact, it was the most successful launch of an ADHD medication in the past seven years. That’s how you cut through the clutter.


Regeneron’s Eylea

When the drug itself is an innovative and powerful leader, the marketing supporting it has to be just as profound.

From the industry’s first VR/AR app that enables people to experience how it may feel to live with a retinal disease to a website for healthcare providers that features 3D body scans and special effects by Hollywood experts, Intouch was instrumental in creating numerous “never been done before” moments for Eylea.

This multi-award winning brand has been featured in FiercePharma, MM&M, PM360 and Med Ad News, among others, and gained 3,000,000+ total impressions from the “In My Eyes” app press coverage alone.


Restylane’s What’s Her Secret?

By inviting influential beauty bloggers to an insider’s-only event, we made an aesthetic facial filler launch a newsworthy experience.

Attendees saw for themselves how youthful-yet-natural appearances are really achieved, then received “secret” access to a media kit microsite full of easy-to-use information.

Through 37 beauty bloggers sharing about their experience, we gained 2.8 million media impressions, making Restylane Silk® and Lyft® the worst-kept secrets in the industry.

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