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Intouch Solutions Promotes Multiple Employees in Kansas City Office

Intouch Solutions

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Overland Park, KS (October 24, 2014)

Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of seven employees in its Overland Park, Kan., office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes within the 500-person firm.

The seven employees include:

Jennifer Arnold-Coleman, marketing analytics director, began her career at Intouch in November 2010 as a senior marketing analyst where she played a critical role in client growth. Jennifer is known for going above and beyond to ensure her team delivers high-caliber data analysis to clients. Hard work and client dedication have set Jennifer apart and made her the ideal candidate for marketing analytics director. In this new position, Jennifer will work closely with account teams to deliver solutions that meet clients’ changing needs, while ensuring their accountability with marketing campaign performance. She will also manage a team of analysts and partner with other internal departments to ensure existing processes operate efficiently to deliver high-caliber execution across strategic services. 

Jerod Barlow, search analyst, joined Intouch in June 2013 as an associate search analyst. Since joining Intouch, Jerod has become a key contributor for several accounts. Jerod has used his great communication and strategic thinking skills to contribute to several successes for the search team, including the growth of link building efforts and increased quality deliverables to aid Intouch’s planning efforts. As a search analyst, Jerod will build on his existing knowledge to help with the strategy and execution of search engine optimization across several client websites. 

Sarah Fellwock, marketing analytics director, has made great contributions since she joined Intouch in September 2011. In her former role as senior manager of marketing analytics, Sarah provided strong team mentorship and was instrumental in the creation of testing services, which expanded collaboration between departments. As marketing analytics director, Sarah will provide thought leadership and strategic measurement planning for clients. Additionally, Sarah will oversee a team of analysts, guiding their work and ensuring it aligns with clients’ goals and objectives. Sarah will continue to build on her reputation for excellence as she identifies and develops opportunities for growth at Intouch.  

Jennifer LoMonaco, marketing analytics manager, has contributed to Intouch in numerous ways since she started as a senior marketing analyst in July 2012. Jennifer has played a pivotal role in the management of several clients’ analytics and has been instrumental in serving as support to other analytics teams with heavy workloads. During her two-year career at Intouch, Jennifer has also standardized reporting processes, resulting in additional client efficiency. In her new role as marketing analytics manager, Jennifer will manage team workflows and processes, as well as take a more proactive role in shaping the insights and recommendations that drive action and contribute to overall client strategy. 

Mike Schmidt, analytics development director, began his career at Intouch in June 2010. In his former role as senior manager of analytic development, Mike built and managed a team of developers responsible for analytics technology platforms, including administration and implementation across all client projects. As analytics development director, Mike will represent key client business and develop new analytics business opportunities. He will manage teams, processes and resources that work on analytics technology and the administration of tools. Mike will also develop and maintain implementation processes and analytics documentations, as well as work closely with Omniture, Webtrends and Google Analytics to keep tracking schemes up to date on the latest technology. 

Jessica Snider, social media manager, began her career at Intouch in September 2012 as a senior analyst of social media. Jessica quickly emerged as an invaluable and trusted resource as she worked on executing client social media. Jessica demonstrated her top-notch teamwork abilities as she worked closely with fellow social media teammates, account team partners and clients, helping educate them on specific compliance issues and complicated project submissions. Jessica’s sought after thought leadership is just one of the reasons she was promoted to senior social media analyst. In her new role, Jessica will work on social media initiatives, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, for three different brands. Jessica’s main priorities include content creation, community management and strategic input, as well as helping with new channel launches and reporting channel performance. Jessica will also be responsible for ensuring social media tactics are FDA and pharma company compliant.

Chelsey Walters, social media analyst, joined Intouch in December 2013. Chelsey’s can-do attitude and hard work ethic set her apart in her former role as an associate social media analyst. Chelsey’s passion for effective and efficient work, coupled with her enthusiasm, has won over her co-workers and clients alike. As a social media analyst, Chelsey will support her team members in the operational management of client social media channels to ensure we are meeting the client’s needs.

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