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Intouch Solutions Launches SocialQueue, a Real-Time Social Monitoring Tool for Pharma

Intouch Solutions

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Overland Park, KS (July 29, 2014)

Intouch Solutions®, a marketing agency servicing the pharmaceutical industry, announced the availability of SocialQueue. SocialQueue gives pharma companies a new tool to easily monitor and manage activity across their social channels, enabling them to engage in social settings while abiding by the strict regulations of the industry. 

More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health, and many pharma companies have recognized the opportunity to connect with consumers in social spaces. Though due to the highly regulated nature of the pharma industry, user-generated comments can pose problems and must be monitored closely. With users constantly posting, commenting, and “liking” content, monitoring and responding to this activity can be a logistics nightmare. SocialQueue helps overcome these hurdles by gathering, cataloging and alerting pharma companies to activity data across their social channels. Whenever activity occurs on a pharma company’s social property, an alert is sent, so responses can be made in real-time and, when necessary, reported.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of clients that want to engage in open dialogue on social media platforms,” said Faruk Capan, CEO, Intouch Solutions. “The key to doing this in a regulatory-friendly way is with a tool like SocialQueue, which provides a safety net. We are pleased to bring yet another social media problem-solver to the pharmaceutical industry.” 
SocialQueue Features

  • Monitoring queues. Analyze activity from multiple social channels within the same system
  • Regular updates. Receive more accurate alerts as new activity occurs
  • Custom settings. Create custom settings for how activity data should be catalogued
  • Activity recording. Collects records for each activity, simplifying the auditing and reporting processes
  • Related content threads. See relationships between activities to better understand the overall conversation
  • Risk mitigation. Reduce errors (compared to fully manual monitoring) and verify content accuracy through activity counts and audit information

For more information about SocialQueue, download the pdf.

About Intouch Solutions Inc.
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