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Intouch Solutions Launches New Offering: Intouch Science

Intouch Solutions

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Overland Park, KS (September 11, 2013)

Intouch Solutions, a marketing agency servicing the pharmaceutical industry, has launched a new client service offering -- Intouch Science. In creating Intouch Science, Intouch Solutions taps into a well-known need to elevate the communication between pharmaceutical brands and healthcare professionals (HCPs). According to Faruk Capan, Intouch Solutions CEO, the new group will specialize in clinical guidance, offering a unique blend of digital and scientific marketing capabilities to help pharmaceutical companies engage healthcare professionals.

"We’ve designed hundreds of programs to reach HCPs with relevant information that helps them in their work. But dramatic healthcare industry changes are underway, and the landscape keeps shifting. Our industry as a whole has to get better. Fast," said Capan. "The importance of reaching HCPs in innovative and meaningful ways is growing. Intouch Science melds medical communications with technology to create engaging and effective programs specifically geared to HCPs."

Medical Director, James Haupt, who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and more than a decade of experience in leading innovative creative teams, brings a strong scientific understanding to pharmaceutical marketing. In addition, Director of Health Care Professional Insights, Bunny Ellerin, provides intel on HCP behaviors and beliefs, and manages the Intouch medical advisory board. Five additional staff members join them to focus on integrating scientific and complex clinical data into digital marketing initiatives.

"It is a very exciting time to be at Intouch Solutions and to be a part of the industry’s leading digital marketing firm," said Dr. Haupt. "Intouch Science adds a new level of clinical rigor to our novel content generation, ensuring scientific accuracy in messaging, data presentation and product positioning."

About Intouch Solutions Inc.
Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions Inc. employs more than 400 individuals and is a privately held marketing agency headquartered in the Kansas City area with offices in Chicago and New York. Specializing in solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at or visit them on the Web at



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