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Intouch Solutions Continues to Promote Several Kansas City Employees

Intouch Solutions

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Overland Park, KS (August 04, 2014)

Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of seven employees in its Overland Park, Kan., office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes within the 500-person firm.

The seven employees include:

Kevin Fitzgerald, system administrator, began his career at Intouch in December 2012 as a level one IT support specialist where he quickly learned the ropes of both the organization and supporting internal clients. Kevin was quickly promoted to a level two IT support specialist before accepting his current system administrator promotion. During his time at Intouch, Kevin has made many contributions, including helping implement management systems, file-sharing solutions and a ticketing system. In his new role as system administrator, Kevin will continue to provide top-notch work as he performs server administration, user and network support, and project implementation. 

Ann Phillips, senior account manager, joined Intouch in June 2010 as an intern and was hired on as an account administrator shortly after. Since then, Ann has successfully driven many difficult client projects. Ann’s expertise, positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond in her work are only a few of the attributes that make her the ideal candidate for this position. As senior account manager, Ann will continue to lead client projects, as well as use her knowledge, experience and commitment to high-quality work to provide clients with the best products and experiences possible. 

Maureen Jones, account manager, has proven herself to be a dedicated team member during her tenure at Intouch. Maureen consistently strives to meet client needs and has led multiple projects and daily maintenance initiatives. Her drive for excellence and attentiveness will greatly benefit her as an account manager. In her new role, Maureen will plan and implement projects, work with cross-functional internal teams to achieve client goals and serve as a project owner. 

Meridith Goulet, director of client services of Intouch products, has contributed in numerous ways since she began her career at Intouch as the director of client services for Allora Health in September 2012. Meridith’s hard work, positive attitude and client knowledge have made her an invaluable part of the team. In her new position as director of client services of Intouch products, Meridith will capitalize on her knowledge from her previous role in order to oversee the implementation and support of all Intouch products, including Intouch’s suite of pharma-friendly social media solutions. 

Chris Knoll, senior quality analyst, is the longest-serving member of Quality Services with a tenure of three years and five months, including his time as a contractor. Chris is recognized for his extensive knowledge of testing theory and practice, as well as for the accuracy of his work. An expert on Apple devices, Chris has been an invaluable asset to his team and clients. In his new role as senior quality analyst, Chris will provide guidance for testing mobile applications, including both Android and Apple solutions. His new role is designed to capitalize on his strategic focus in improving mobile testing processes using standard best practices and new coverage techniques. 

Cody Nedved, technical architect, joined Intouch in August 2012 as a mobile software developer and has since played an integral role in the development of public facing applications. As a technical architect, Cody will continue to standardize procedures and processes for mobile development frameworks and help with the architectural design of applications. He also will investigate new and existing technologies to be leveraged in Intouch’s mobile product solutions. 

Jessica Veit, senior marketing analyst, joined Intouch in June 2012. She is well known for her thoughtful analysis, collaboration and attentiveness to clients. Through her client work, Jessica has demonstrated the value of analytics and has instilled a sense of confidence in how to use data to make efficient and effective business decisions. In her former role as marketing analyst, Jessica spearheaded collaborative reporting across multiple channels in order to streamline information and connect data. In her new role as senior marketing analyst, Jessica will facilitate the design and production process, help with strategy development and manage the measurement planning process.

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