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Intouch Solutions and MD Mindset Join Forces to Deliver Products and Services for Pharma

Intouch Solutions

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Overland Park, KS (August 28, 2012)

Intouch Solutions®, a marketing agency servicing the pharmaceutical industry, and MD Mindset, a life sciences and health care marketing intelligence firm, today announced an agreement to deliver joint specialized marketing products and services. The products and services help pharmaceutical companies understand, address and track the unique factors that enable sales professionals to increase access and change the behaviors of healthcare professionals (HCPs).

With the rise in use of iPads® by sales reps as a means to detail HCPs, pharmaceutical companies are seeking to better understand the impact and potential of the device as a main platform for information delivery. These same companies are also evaluating creative, content and platform partners to deliver the best results for their iPad programs. The agreement between Intouch Solutions and MD Mindset is designed to deliver solutions across these industry needs.

In July, MD Mindset announced the availability of its MD Snapshot™ Syndicated Data Report on iPad Use and Effectiveness, which provided an independent assessment of physicians’ attitudes and behaviors toward the iPad. MD Snapshot benchmarks and continually measures company and competitor sales team performance when using the iPad. The study was conducted with 1,500 U.S. doctors across 15 specialties to help pharmaceutical, biotech and device marketers optimize interactions with doctors using this novel technology. The findings show that iPads have a significant impact on call performance and duration and create a richer learning experience for doctors.

“We’ve known for some time the potential the iPad offers to the rep-physician relationship..."

-Faruk Capan

“Now that we’re beyond the iPad 'wow’ factor, clients are looking for proof that the iPad in the hands of the rep actually brings results,” said Peter Shaw, M.D., President of MD Mindset. “Done well — with solutions such as those Intouch offers — iPads can increase both physical and mental access to the HCP, leading to increased call times and intent to prescribe.”

Executives at Intouch Solutions were delighted — but not surprised — to see research from an unbiased source substantiate iPad as an important part of the pharma marketing mix. As an early and prolific provider of iPad solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions offers custom apps and creative and content development services, as well as a proprietary platform Allora.

“We’ve known for some time the potential the iPad offers to the rep-physician relationship,” said Faruk Capan, Intouch Solutions’ CEO. “Working with MD Mindset brings together our complementary services to help companies better understand — and, at the end of the day, influence — HCP behaviors.”

Details of the agreement include combined promotions and joint service offerings to clients.

About Intouch Solutions and Allora

Intouch Solutions was the first in the field with sales rep iPad apps in 2010 and has remained one of the most prolific iPad app producers in the industry.

Intouch recently launched its platform, Allora, to address pharma’s need for an enterprise utility to easily build, manage and distribute brand messages and other digital assets used in direct prescriber marketing. Allora is offered through Allora Health, an Intouch Solutions company.

Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions Inc. is a privately held marketing agency headquartered in the Kansas City area, with offices in Chicago and New York City. Specializing in solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at or visit them at

About MDMindset

MD Mindset is a data-driven company that uses sophisticated analytics to help life sciences companies understand the unique factors that influence healthcare professionals in their clinical and prescribing behaviors. MD Mindset takes a proactive approach to developing and delivering sales and marketing solutions proven to increase healthcare professional access and grow market share. For more information, visit


Intouch Solutions
Wendy Blackburn, 913-956-4328

MD Mindset
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