Over half a million users of Amazon’s Echo personal assistant have told Alexa, the “voice” of the device, that they love it. Are we one step away from robot love? Or is Amazon really on to something?

I admit I could be one of the half-million. I can see why the company has devoted a $100 million fund to support voice-command technology, and why they’ve opened Alexa’s API to developers. At Intouch, we’ve been working with clients to incorporate the technology into patient programs and educational tools. It’s an exciting time.

In the January issue of Medical Marketing & Media, I talk more about Echo and Alexa, and what technology and healthcare are doing, and can do, with it. I invite you to read my Viewpoint column, “Why Amazon Device Is a Gift for Healthcare,” here.

We look forward to bringing Alexa’s helpful voice to the millions of people facing health challenges today … and tomorrow.