At Intouch Solutions, we often use the metaphor of a tapestry to explain our approach to modern marketing, and we find it’s one that resonates well with our clients. In fact, PM360 recently published my column about weaving this brand tapestry and chose the theme for the cover of their November issue along with another article from my colleague, Boris Kushkuley.

The idea is this: Marketing is not “one size fits all.” As marketers, we can’t get caught up in the chase for a big idea and try to repeat it as many times and in as many places as possible. In order to succeed, we must create strong, complex experiences for individual customers. We must build small ideas into multiple campaigns that are specifically fine-tuned to narrow groups — such as geographic area, age, stage in the patient journey, etc. — and then weave all those small campaigns into a single brand tapestry. That tapestry intersects with health searches from consumers and HCPs. It prioritizes a customer-centric, beyond-the-pill mindset. It leverages data to understand, predict, measure and optimize. And weaving this complex tapestry takes a new kind of skill.

The tapestry brand model is one we find extremely important for our clients — and we think you will, too.

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