Bring your kids to work … bring your dog to work … heck, bring your parents to work. At Intouch, we’re proud of where we work and what we do while we’re here, so of course we want to share our day-to-day with everyone we can. The kids and dogs probably don’t care, but parents … they love it.

This year for Bring in Your Parents Day – a still-young tradition started by LinkedIn – we had the pleasure of hosting nearly 100 parents in our Chicago and Kansas City offices. Visitors toured the spaces, listened to presentations about what their kids do in departments like Social Media, Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization, Media Planning, Project Management and others, and got to play with our augmented and virtual reality “toys.” Along with test runs of Microsoft’s HoloLens, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, parents were able to see firsthand what it’s like to have three different retinal diseases using the Intouch-created app, In My Eyes and interact with our own virtual assistant (think Alexa, but for pharma). Like last year, we rounded out the day with a happy hour and the certainty that we’d be doing it all again next year.