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Twitter’s Profile Redesign May Affect Branded Compliance

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Twitter announced it is rolling out a major profile redesign beginning April 8, 2014. The new look, which has been likened to Facebook, includes updated features and a more aesthetic appeal, with an increased emphasis on images. The channel also has added a few new features.  

Pharmaceutical companies who use Twitter as a social media platform — especially branded Twitter handles — should be aware of these significant changes and how they affect their Twitter profile layout. Some changes to the profile page design — such as the removal of the background image and expanded proportions for the header image — may affect branded Twitter page compliance.


Twitter announced rollout of the major redesign of profile pages on its blog April 8. According to Twitter, the redesigned profile “lets you use a larger profile photo, customize your header, show off your best Tweets and more.” Approximately 10% of existing Twitter accounts have been converted already; the rest will convert in “the coming weeks.” Brand-new Twitter accounts will receive the new design immediately.

The new profile design features a larger profile image, a left-aligned profile photo, a customizable header image and reformatted navigation. The ability to include a custom background image on a profile has been removed. Instead, all profiles will have a white background behind their Tweets to make content easier to read.

Twitter has revamped its traditional vertical stream of tweets, opting instead for a greater focus on images and content cards.  


Along with the new Twitter profile design, users will see three new features. These include the ability to pin a tweet to the top of their profile, to filter tweets that do not contain visual media or replies, and the highlighting of best tweets as determined by Twitter.

  • Best Tweets: Tweets that have received the most engagement will appear with slightly larger and bolder text on a profile page. Twitter chooses an account’s best tweets based on the number of re-tweets, favorites and replies. Once the new design is applied to a Twitter account, best tweets will automatically be selected and highlighted.
  • Pinned Tweets: Similar to a Facebook pinned post, Twitter users can select a tweet to be pinned at the top of their profile to allow followers to see what you are about.
  • Filtered Tweets: Gives users the ability to select one of three new profile views when checking out other profiles. The options include tweets, tweets with photos and videos, and tweets with replies.

To view brands already using the updated Twitter, visit the following profiles:


Brands that currently use Twitter will be affected by the update and should review their pages for the potential need for revisions to artwork. Considerations include:

ISI Compliance: Since profile background images are no longer visible from the desktop view and have not been visible via mobile devices, brands using background images for Important Safety Information (ISI) or legal information will need to reevaluate their profile design. We do not recommend using profile pictures or header images for displaying fair balance since the text will not be visible on all devices. Below is an example of a branded Twitter profile page that relies on the background image for display of fair balance and ISI. The redesign may render this page noncompliant.

Header Photo Sizing: The recommended size for the new header photo is 1500x500 pixels, up from the previous size of 1252x626 pixels.

  • This may require replacing or re-cropping the photo to avoid distortion and stretching. This may also be a good time to update the header image to take advantage of the larger scale.
  • Users also will want to ensure no important content, such as text, is on the edges of the header photo because the header photo may be “cropped” to display differently on mobile devices.

Pinned Tweets: Pharma brands may consider utilizing the new “pinned tweet” feature to highlight important information at the top of their profile page. This 140-character message will be displayed directly below the header image on a profile. More information about this feature will be released as the design rollout continues.

As Twitter begins to implement the update, some questions remain, including how long a pinned tweet will stay pinned, how many “best tweets” will be highlighted, and when we can expect to see the integration of these new features with third-party applications.


It’s worth noting that users' access Twitter using a wide variety of methods — via various mobile apps; third-party platforms, such as HootSuite; and itself — and each visual experience varies. This redesign seems to be geared toward the more casual Twitter user who visits profiles on Nevertheless, pharma companies using Twitter who need control over the way their profile looks — such as a branded page with ISI, for example — should expedite the preparation of new creative assets for this upcoming change in order to stay compliant.

Social media networks are constantly evolving in order to continually engage visitors and ensure content remains visually appealing, relevant and user-friendly. Twitter’s latest update is moving toward an image-centric redesign, mimicking Facebook and the wider Web itself. Intouch Solutions will continue to monitor the redesign rollout and keep clients informed of any critical new information.

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