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Touching Lives, Bringing Hope

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Last year, Intouch Solutions asked its employees to help create the first Intouch Solutions Philanthropy Committee (ISPC). The committee would exist to help guide the company’s philanthropic endeavors, and make recommendations about potential charitable opportunities.

Nearly half the agency responded to the call for volunteers. From the scores of applicants, account director Julie Levine was asked to chair the ISPC. Ten additional people were selected for the committee, based on their volunteer experience, diversity of talents, and personal backgrounds:

  • Dave Anderson, search manager
  • Lola Basic, account supervisor
  • Michael Blake, business system analyst director
  • Amy Devine, marketing insights manager
  • Lou Drews, account supervisor
  • Jodi Lamping, office administrator
  • Laura Simcox, human resources director
  • Lauren Smith, account supervisor
  • Kathy Walden, senior copywriter
  • Kevin Wohler, interactive copywriter

I was fortunate enough to be selected as part of this group. From the very beginning, the ISPC has been very positive and filled with energy. It was clear to see that everyone was interested in helping Intouch Solutions give back to the community.

To that end, we researched several charities — both local and national. We looked for organizations in health-related services that would benefit from our company’s involvement. So many worthy charities exist; deciding which ones to pursue was very difficult.

After many internal brainstorms and external meetings with organizations, we narrowed the field and made our recommendations to the Intouch leadership. In the end, we asked the company to support one national charity, as well as two local charities for our KC and Chicago offices.

We’re excited to announce that our national charity, supported by all of Intouch Solutions, is the OI Foundation . On a local level, we will be supporting the Kansas City Free Health Clinic (in KC) and Dreams for Kids (in Chicago).

Each of these charities will benefit from Intouch Solutions’ philanthropic effort in 2011, as we support them financially and through the use of our talents. Teams of volunteers have been organized. And together, members are working on projects specific to each charity’s needs.

Keep your eyes on Intouch Soul for updates about the ISPC’s efforts throughout the year. And be sure to read below to learn more about each of our charities.

OI Foundation

The OI Foundation ( is the only national organization dedicated to helping families affected by osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) — a rare brittle bones disorder. OI affects 25,000—50,000 people in the United States. It is so rare, in fact, that many health care professionals know only a little about it.

The foundation is dedicated to improving quality of life through research, education, awareness and support.

Kansas City Free Health Clinic

For 40 years, the Kansas City Free Health Clinic ( has been caring for the uninsured and underinsured on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas state line. It is one of the oldest and largest free health clinics in the country, providing quality services at no charge.

Dreams for Kids

Founded in 1989, Dreams For Kids ( empowers at-risk youth and those with disabilities through dynamic leadership programs and life-changing activities. A volunteer-based organization, Dreams For Kids works to break down social barriers and end the isolation of at-risk or disabled youth.

Intouch Solutions is proud to be giving back to our communities. The level of interest and enthusiasm shown by our Intouchers has really hit home how much these people care. Each of us is excited to be using our talents to help make a difference.

We’re excited to get started! Keep coming back for periodic updates from the ISPC.


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