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Tina Breithaupt Chats About her Seven Years at Intouch Solutions

Intouch Team

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Today’s post marks the halfway point of the blog series as we chat with Intouch’s Senior Media Director, Tina Breithaupt, about her career with the company and what she sees for the future.

Tell us about your first week at Intouch

My first week was interesting because I was not entirely new. I had been freelancing for Intouch a year prior to joining the team full-time. That being said, my first official week was business as usual for me as I simply continued my work on the media plans I had been working on previously.  

Another interesting fact about my first week: the Chicago office consisted of only three people, myself included. Because of the small staff size, we didn’t actually have a physical office, so I worked from home. On my first day, my home modem went out, causing me to drive to the only store in downtown Chicago that carried the modem I needed. It was hectic to say the least.

What is the most dramatic change you have witnessed during your time at Intouch?

The growth of the agency, especially the Chicago office. Going from three employees to hundreds is definitely a dramatic change — in a good way! Another dramatic change I’ve witnessed is the addition of very specialized groups within the agency. They really round out our overall agency capabilities.

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

The launch of a blood glucose monitoring system designed to connect to a patient’s iPad or iPhone. Because it was a device, there were fewer regulations, meaning that Intouch could purchase more general media, including offline print and TV.  

What do you like the most about working at Intouch?

The people. I really like the people I work with every day. I also like the flexible nature of Intouch.

Where do you see Intouch and the industry as a whole in 15 years?

From our strong history of growth, I see Intouch, hands down, as the absolute leader and innovator in the healthcare marketing industry.

What is your favorite pop culture from 1999?

The immense panic over Y2K and the hit TV show, The Sopranos.



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