We’ve shared a lot of valuable information on this blog over the past few months. From the rise of visual content in the social space to Facebook’s focus on video, from a POV on the new Gmail app to a few wrap-ups of recent conferences, there’s so much to remember. To help you keep things straight, we’ve compiled another #TBT of our 10 most popular blogs so far from 2015.

1.  5 Reasons Pharma Should Reconsider Instagram  

Intouch social media manager Jennifer Starr discusses the rise of visual content as the preferred method of message delivery and lays out five reasons pharma should reconsider using Instagram to reach audiences.




2.  We Know He’s a Healthcare Transformer; Now It’s Official

Intouch CEO Faruk Capan was named one of Medical Marketing & Media’s Top 40 Healthcare Transformers this year. Read more about our fearless leader.



3.  SXSW Interactive 2015: Ideas, Intrigue, and Pure Inspiration

Intouch took South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) by storm this year! This post highlights popular speaker sessions and some of the activities Intouchers participated in during the festival.




4.  How Gmail’s Inbox App Will Impact Email Engagement  

In January, Google launched the email app Inbox, a tool designed to help categorize and group content and simplify dealing with daily email. This point-of-view (POV) post provides an overview of the Inbox app and its potential impact on — and recommendations for — email marketers in the pharma industry.



 5.  FDA Issues Social Media Letters, We Keep Calm and Carry On

In late February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued four new warning letters to companies that made or endorsed promotional claims about their products on Facebook. This popular post was created to remind the pharma industry how important it is to stay abreast of guidelines and how in-the-know agencies like Intouch can help them remain compliant.



6.  Healthcare is Changing Right Under Our Feet: Key Takeaways from ePharma

Sean Hartigan, Intouch’s senior director of multichannel marketing, shares key takeaways from this year’s IIR ePharma Summit, including how pharma marketers can adapt and thrive in the evolving landscape of the healthcare industry.



7.  Facebook Updates Video Tab Options for Pages

Facebook continually makes updates to its News Feed user interface, and this past January, it took steps to more prominently feature video content. Read more about the implications for pharma and the four steps pharma can take to get the most out of these updates.



8.  The Truth About Pharma Marketing: Volume I

This lighthearted post illustrates — literally — our experiences in the pharmaceutical industry.




9.  Tell an Intuitive Story

Everyone is talking about big data these days, but without the right focus, the massive amount of information we collect is just that: a bunch of information. This post discusses how Intouch uses data analytics to create a meaningful, actionable story that goes beyond the spreadsheet.



10.  Multichannel Marketing Comes of Age

Boris Kushkuley, Intouch’s EVP of multichannel marketing, believes the “big idea” is dead. “Today,” he says, “the big idea can be expressed like this: the sum of smaller ideas across all audiences and channels times the integration factor.” Read more about how a multichannel marketing approach can be used to strategically weave small experiences into a broader brand tapestry for customers.