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Throwback Thursday: The Best of the Past 6 Months

Sarah Lacy

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The world of pharma marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Add in the digital element, and it’s sometimes downright impossible to keep track. So, we’re doing a little "throwback Thursday" — pharma style — to bring you back in the know. In case you missed them, we’re revealing our top 10 most popular blogs from the past six months.


  1. Social Media is Still Safe for Pharma Despite AstraZeneca Pulling Their Sponsored Twitter Ads: AstraZeneca pulled down some Twitter ads. But don’t worry. It’s still safe for pharma to effectively use social ads and networks, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  2. Pharma’s Bright, Shiny, Digital Future: There’s an opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to move beyond providing just pills to building stronger relationships with customers.
  3. 7 Things Pharma Should Know About Facebook Timeline: With Facebook’s February 2012 announcement that it was changing up the rules, we highlighted seven things pharma marketers should know.
  4. Pharma Content Marketing—Just Do it: Pharma’s value proposition directly aligns with the ideals of content marketing. So, why aren’t pharma companies getting on board?
  5. Unbranded Campaigns Working Hard for your Brand: Unbranded campaigns are a popular component of the online pharma marketer’s toolbox. Build a foundation of trust with patients by providing valuable information.
  6. Looking Forward to 2012: Multi-channel Thinking: Look back at our predictions for 2012 and see if we were right.
  7. Staying Safe in Social Means Paying Attention to the Details: Paying attention to the details makes the difference for pharma when social media and networks change on a dime.
  8. The Future of Digital Detailing—An Interview with Julie Martell: Intouch conducted a survey of physicians to learn about their interactions with reps and the iPad. Read more to see what we learned.
  9. How Facebook’s New Comment Policy Impacts your Pharma Facebook Page: Intouch Solutions weighs in on the changes Facebook made to its comment policy and how it would affect pharma marketers.
  10. Is Pinterest Pharma’s Channel on the Visual Web: Before jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, check out Intouch’s recommendations for creating a content strategy focused on better visual content.


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