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Throwback Thursday: The Best Blogs of the Last Six Months

Sarah Lacy

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These past six months at Intouch, and in the world of pharma marketing, have been busy. Between new social media guidance from the FDA, platform updates from Facebook and YouTube, articles on content and iPad® marketing, plus Intouch’s own culture news, our blog reel has been pumping out a wide variety of high-quality content. So for a little #TBT of our own, in case you missed them, we are revealing our 10 most popular blogs from the last six months.

1. FDA Guidance Reveals Openness to Pharma Social
FDA’s draft guidance released in January focuses on four key elements that impact digital communications in pharmaceutical and animal health marketing, especially as it pertains to user-generated content. This definitive “guide to the guidance” addresses those areas and provides recommendations and next steps for companies affected.

2. 15 Ways You Know You Work at Intouch Solutions
To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we share 15 ways to know you work at Intouch Solutions … and/or in the pharma marketing world in general. Acronyms anyone?

3. Engaging Girls in STEM
Intouch Solutions’ front end team share a passion for mentoring young girls and helping them realize that careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields are not only attainable and rewarding, but also fun!

4. New YouTube ISI Module Offers Pros, Cons for Pharma
In an ongoing effort to continue to be a viable social media and advertising channel for pharmaceutical companies, YouTube made two changes to its platform in February. Explore more to find out how this update affected pharma.

5. New CA “Do Not Track” Policy will Likely Require Revision to Your Digital Privacy Policy
California’s AB-370 “do not track” transparency amendment became effective January 1, 2014. This popular post was written to assist in understanding what is required for compliance, penalties for noncompliance and an introduction to technologies involved.

6. Matthew Goyer Discusses His Fourteen Years at Intouch Solutions
Veteran Intoucher Matthew Goyer chats about his 14-year career with the company, the changes he’s witnessed, and what he sees for the future.

7. Facebook Updated Their News Feed Algorithm Again. And I Don’t Care.
Facebook announced it was making more changes to its algorithm that governs what is displayed on users’ News Feeds. Our social media team breaks down the changes, but also reminds us to focus on what’s important.  

8. Content Marketing Explained
Content marketing is everywhere lately. It seems a bit like what “social media” was in 2005 — a phrase that’s become trendy, often invoked but not always fully understood. What does it really mean? And why should pharma brand teams care?

9. iPads in Healthcare: The Revolution of the Decade
The rapid adoption of the tablet — most commonly, the iPad — is one of the biggest anomalies in the history of healthcare technology. Explore the “revolution of the decade” with this post, one of several from our popular series around the use of iPad in the healthcare industry.

10. How the iPad Helped Modernize Pharma Sales
Today, while many companies seek to find the right mix of personal and non-personal promotion, it is still rare for a company in the industry to not use iPads. Read more to learn how iPads have helped modernize the pharmaceutical sales approach.

Interested in rewinding yet another six months? See our previous #TBT post from 2013 here


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