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The Whole Body Approach

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From fitness to nutrition, Intouch’s Healthy You wellness program has inspired many employees to lead healthier lifestyles. Physical activity and nutritious eating play a major role in overall health, but one piece to the wellness puzzle remains. As we arrive at our final post in the Healthy You blog series, we will address the last component to our employee health and wellness program: whole body.

Learning to Exhale

“Sometimes the agency life can be demanding,” said Tricia Peterson, account supervisor and head of the Whole Body Committee in Kansas City. “Intouch recognizes this and works hard to provide opportunities for balance.”

One of these opportunities was Meditation Minute. Meditation Minute invited Intouch employees to take several minutes out of their day to slow down, relax and meditate. Employees were given download information for the Take a Break! iPhone® application or the Take a Break From Stress Android application. These apps provide the user with a choice between two guided meditations: a seven-minute work break or a 13-minute stress relief session.

In addition to Meditation Minute, the Whole Body Committee, with the help of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, is offering a four-week stress management course. The course will address common questions such as: how to identify symptoms and causes of stress, how stress impacts health, and how to work toward stress management goals to improve overall health and well-being.

A Balancing Act

The balance of work life and home life is tough and often leads to additional stress. To help employees maintain this balance, summer hours are provided between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

“To encourage employees to take advantage of the summer schedule, the Whole Body Committee held a kick-off field day event on the first Friday of summer hours,” said Tricia. From a water balloon fight to a snow cone stand, the kick-off event proved to be quite a success as many employees took advantage of the opportunity to unwind and enjoy some fun.

Everybody Deserves a Massage

In July, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals sponsored EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, starting July 14th and running through the 20th. Intouch, of course, felt the need to celebrate by hiring a local massage therapist for a day to give employees 15-minute chair massages.

“Employees were able to get a 15-minute massage for only five dollars. The massages were a huge hit as all the time slots filled up within minutes. We ended up holding a second massage day in August due to employee demand,” said Tricia. “Intouch really cares for its employees, and it is so nice to be a part of helping other Intouchers improve their health.”


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