The students in the Blue Valley school district might have started their spring break yesterday, but the teachers still reported for in-service duty. Here at Intouch, we were privileged to play a part in the district faculty’s continued education by hosting the high school journalism and broadcast teachers in our Kansas City office.

As a leading communications agency, Intouch Solutions shared valuable insights on how best to prepare today’s high school students for the new age of journalism – especially when it comes to digital communications.

“It was great to be able to have an open conversation with high school educators about Intouch, about modern journalism and what you need to be successful in this industry,” said Hailey Lapin, Account Administrator and Blue Valley Northwest Alum.

The day’s agenda was curated by a passionate group of Blue Valley alums currently working at Intouch who were excited for the chance to see some familiar faces again. The event began with a quick overview of who Intouch is as well as the skills necessary to be successful in our industry. We discussed typical agency workflow, the importance of content strategy and a case study that brought it all to life.

The most interactive part of the day came when three fairly recent grads presented the dichotomy between what high school learnings helped them in college and what they wish they would have been prepared for. There was also a panel of Intouchers representing eight disciplines who fielded questions from the teachers regarding a variety of topics.

“The highlight of the day was seeing former students,” said Jim McCrossen Publications Adviser at Blue Valley Northwest High School.  “And just what they are up to, how successful they are, and doing things like this to help teachers in the district better help their students.”

As a product of the Blue Valley school system myself, the day was a wonderful way to give back to the teachers that gave me so much, but also to the community at large.