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SXSW: The Opportunity for Interactive Infographics

Marty Canniff

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As SXSW Interactive 2014 comes to a close, Intouchers who attended share their impressions from the most notable sessions. See the full series of SXSW blog posts here

I saw: Interactive infographics
I thought: Not news, interactive infographics are just common sense. The web isn't static. Of course data should be dynamic, and users should be able to interact with it.  But does our industry put this into practice? In sales aids for HCPs – maybe – since we know reps are always seeking new ways to showcase study data.  But on websites targeting patients?  Perhaps not as often as we should.
What next: Don't cheat the user experience. The designer and developer’s job is to "market" the data. Make it an experience that is dynamic and entertaining – and therefore memorable. Dynamic data says "we're experts, so you can trust us." Plus it simply makes things quicker to digest and more memorable.



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