Fingers blistered from tweeting, dreams filled with hashtags, and almost more weirdness than one can handle must only mean one thing: SXSW 2015 is winding down. The SXSW knowledge and insights gained and shared by our on-the-ground Intouch crew is so valuable we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a beat. Below is a roundup of key takeaways and the most compelling ideas captured via our real-time SXSW blog:

  • Building a Brand in the Digital Age – Planning Director Joe Abella shares why, when it comes to building a pharma brand in the digital age, we should think differently.
  • The Future of Beacons Expands Well Beyond Retail – What are beacons, and how can they be used to improve our healthcare system? Broaden your mind with these unique insights captured by one of our client service SVPs.
  • More than Data Alone – Director of Social Media, Mark Cork, speaks to the importance of getting the whole story when leveraging data.
  • Use Your Words: How Pinterest Taught Me to be GUTSI – Using the GUTSI acronym, this post recaps Pinterest Content Strategist Evany Thomas’ session on the power of choosing exactly the right words.
  • Questioning Technology – Is the technology conversation shifting to be more human? Group Account Director Julie Levine noticed an emerging exploration of technology’s impact on humanity.

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