There’s more to love about summer at Intouch — two extra weekend hours, to be specific. Among the many benefits of working at Intouch, one that many employees take advantage of is something we call summer hours. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, if you’ve completed 40 work hours for the week and have met client needs, you can leave after working six hours and get a head start on the weekend. For those arriving at 8 a.m., that means leaving as early as 2 p.m.! Here’s how some Intouchers make the most of their time off:

Susan Dolan, account administrator in our New York office: “I’ve gone to Central Park and Bryant Park to meet friends. We usually read, play games, pack a picnic and people-watch.”

Ashley Davis, e-communications specialist in our Kansas City office: “I have used summer hours to hit the pool on a very hot summer day, leave town early to get down to the lake, and take the kids to do something fun, like the park or the movies.”

Alex Farrar, account manager in our Chicago office: “Summer hours are for making new friends.”

Fun fact: In 2014, Intouchers enjoyed 4,177 summer hours, while still rocking out superior client work. Who doesn’t love a little more time in their weekend? With Labor Day behind us, we’ve bid adieu to summer hours for 2015, but they’ll be back! Wish your summer included more weekend? You’ll appreciate that and many more perks at Intouch — learn more here!