Imagine that your best and brightest reps could be given superpowers. Suddenly, they might have the ability to see into the future, or to know what people were thinking.

That might not be such a sci-fi fantasy after all.

Since 2010, Intouch has been working with Veeva, which offers cloud-based CRM tools for life sciences companies. We currently hold more than 150 Veeva certifications and are Level 4 certified, which means we’re able to find the best ways to put these tools to work for our clients’ individual needs.

But where do these all-knowing superpowers come in?

Well, by combining Intouch’s expertise, its proprietary tech, and one of Veeva’s most strategic tools, reps can get insights and notifications about the next best action for them to take.

Intouch’s cloud-based engine, Inform, connects Veeva’s Suggestions function to other key marketing and field force applications – and it’s all powered by Cognitive Core, our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform. This makes it possible to:

  • use machine learning and predictive models to focus on the patterns of thought and behaviors exposed through data, influence and language
  • identify statistical trends and anomalies from converged data sources to parse micro-targets, conversation creators/shapers/movers, and the natural language of pharma
  • trigger the next best action a sales representative should take by combining data and applying business rules and data science methodologies

Cognitive Core is uniquely capable of supporting dynamic marketing automation, while addressing the specific regulatory and compliance needs of pharma. But even the greatest tech can’t work on its own. Inform and Cognitive Core can do great things with tools like Suggestions, but none of it functions without the specialized knowledge, strategic expertise, and creative innovation of brilliant human beings who understand their clients’ needs better than anyone in the industry.

The output of any tool is only as good as the business insight that informs it. Make sure your partners don’t just have the tech, but also the knowledge to make the tech work for you.

Authors: Matt Luetger, Veeva Technology Strategist, Intouch B2D; Angela Kayat, Group Account Director, Intouch Solutions; Sarah Morgan, Content Strategist, Intouch Solutions.