Lindsey Poulter, an associate implementation developer at Intouch Solutions, received the Information Systems Scholarship from Apple, Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak and his wife, Janet Wozniak, on Nov. 20. Poulter has been a member of Intouch Solutions’ analytics team since June 2014.

A total of six scholarships valued at $5,000 each were awarded to University of Kansas (KU) students enrolled in the Business, Engineering or Education schools. The scholarships recognize excellence in leadership, creativity and ingenuity.

“I’m honored to receive this scholarship, and it’s inspiring to meet someone like Steve Wozniak who is so innovative and who has played such a hand in the technology we use today,” said Poulter. “I look forward to continuing my passion for information systems through my work at Intouch Solutions.” 

Greg Freix and Chris Claterbos, lecturers at KU, selected Poulter, who graduates this month with a degree in Information Systems, for this scholarship based on her extracurricular involvement and academic merit within the School of Business. 

Poulter interned at Intouch Solutions from June 2014 to June 2015, then was hired on full time while she completed her final semester of school. At Intouch, Poulter applies her expertise to create interactive dashboards, uses data to create cohesive stories, and helps visualize data in new ways to better serve Intouch clients.

“Lindsey excels in all aspects of the criteria for this scholarship: leadership, creativity and ingenuity,” said Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch Solutions. “Recognition from Steve Wozniak further confirms her dedication to excellence and breadth of analytics knowledge. We’re thrilled to have her talent on our team and look forward to witnessing her many future achievements.”

All scholarship funds are applied toward tuition or student loans. 

The Wozniaks have ties to the Kansas City area; Janet Wozniak is a native of Kansas, and received her undergraduate degree from Baker University and her master’s degree from KU.  

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