The Adobe Summit is an annual three-day conference that brings together thousands of digital marketers who discuss industry trends and products and learn how to get the most out of Adobe tools. Several Intouchers attended this year’s event and came back energized, inspired and ready to apply a number of new ideas to client objectives. In addition to the technical tricks and best practices, the team heard from 100+ speakers about broader topics. Here are a few we found particularly compelling.

It’s About Experience
Brad Rencher, Adobe’s executive vice president and general manager of digital marketing, gave the keynote address, “Becoming an Experience Business.” As the title implies, his session focused on marketing’s move from selling products to selling experiences.

Today’s customers have voices, Rencher pointed out, and they’re unafraid to use them. Social media makes it easy for consumers to discuss brands in very visible and far-reaching ways. But people talk less about specific products and more about how a product makes them feel. This emotionally driven wave of marketing is about “goosebumps and smiles and bringing people together” — and about being unobtrusive as marketers. If we do our jobs right, our customers don’t notice we exist; we let them experience our brands, and we get out of the way.

  • Rencher offered four keys to successful experience marketing:
  • Know and respect consumers
  • Speak in one voice
  • Make technology transparent
  • Delight at every turn

Similarly, Chandra Surbhat, vice president at Wipro Technologies, offered four steps to building exceptional experiences:

  • Create a central repository for all experience assets
  • Manage with local flexibility but global scale
  • Deliver designs to the Web and maintain content velocity (i.e., the speed at which we create and produce personalized content)
  • Optimize and continue improving with rapid releases

It’s About Speed
Rencher riffed on Moore’s Law — the idea that, nearly every 18 months, computer processing capabilities double — with the thought that there’s a Moore’s Law for marketing, in that customer expectations double as quickly. What worked before, he noted, rapidly becomes outdated in terms of meeting the hopes of our audiences.

It’s About the Future
Intouchers gathered these top 10 predictions that Adobe speakers made for the future:

  1. Tablets and smartphones will merge with flexible touchscreens as tablet sales level off.
  2. Android’s share of the smartphone market will increase.
  3. Android TV will also cut into the TV space, taking share from AppleTV and Roku.
  4. Biometric authentication — using fingerprints, selfies or heartbeats — will replace passwords in the next five years and will become the norm in successful mobile apps.
  5. Awareness-building marketing will become less emphasized as consumer attention spans decrease.
  6. Voice operation will play a much larger role in digital technology.
  7. Context — providing contextually relevant content — will become the new king.
  8. Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly becoming mission-critical — but reliability and bandwidth remain the big problems.
  9. Virtual reality is affecting B2B, healthcare and gaming — and gaming is growing even faster than video.
  10. Personal identity enables frictionless transactions, so as commerce and identity converge, trading privacy for convenience will be everyone’s challenge.

Why We Go
As part of a full-service agency with projects across email, social, inbound, media buying, search and analytics, Intouch teams use Adobe Cloud services in a variety of ways. Intouch strives to stay on the cutting edge, and the summit provided a great opportunity to discover new ways to make the most of Adobe tools and learn about exciting innovations that we can bring to our clients.

Other Intouch contributors to this blog post include: David Windhausen — Executive Vice President, Angela Kayat — Account Director and Chris Nelson — VP, Strategic Services