It’s 2016, and pharmaceutical companies are finally coming to understand that social media is here to stay. And as they become more comfortable engaging in the social space, they realize there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Governance must be established, workflows designed. New agencies are hired and new positions are created just to manage the volume of posts, content, comments and responses.

Streamlining Social Media Management
Intouch Solutions has been helping pharmaceutical companies engage in social media since our founding 17 years ago. We’ve seen the evolution. And we’ve also seen the barriers and challenges — among them, tracking the huge volume of comments, and triaging and archiving them to stay within regulatory compliance. That’s why we created our monitoring and moderation tool, SocialQueue.

A Tool Ahead of Its Time
When Intouch launched SocialQueue in July 2014, it was ahead of its time. This monitoring tool — custom-built for pharma — helps overcome regulatory hurdles by using pre-approved workflows from legal, regulatory and medical teams. SocialQueue gathers and catalogs activity across social channels and then automatically alerts pharma companies to what’s going on.

Two years ago, pharma didn’t fully recognize the power of SocialQueue. But times have changed, and now that pharma participation in social media has become more mainstream, clients and their agencies understand SocialQueue’s value.

SocialQueue Success, By the Numbers
Adoption of SocialQueue among our clients has been high, and we’re seeing increased implementation as more and more pharma brands become active in social spaces. To date, the numbers are impressive:

  • 7 branded pages
  • 2 corporate pages
  • 12 biopharmaceutical companies
  • 24 disease-awareness community properties
  • 197,000+ social media comments tracked

Better, Faster, More Affordable Than Ever
To date, Intouch has successfully navigated monitoring on Facebook, blogs and other platforms, but we’re not stopping there. Pharma’s use of social media is evolving, and in response, we’re constantly evolving SocialQueue’s design.

We’re making SocialQueue even more powerful and efficient, streamlining our workflows to create the best-in-class risk-mitigation tool featuring expanded capabilities. Our product is run through multiple iterations of quality assurance and user/market testing before being pushed into production. This allows SocialQueue to continuously reflect our clients’ needs and ensure all people across all channels can have compliant conversations. As more tasks and activities are automated, our team will be able to focus more time preparing data and insights. And in the process, we’ll be able to reduce the cost of this service by 25% to 50%.

What Sets SocialQueue Apart
Some companies may exclusively use automated tools to stay on top of trends, but Intouch pairs automation with real-live social media experts for even more precision in classifying comments in accordance with PMR-approved workflows.

Our experienced community managers put the patient first when monitoring and addressing flagged issues like adverse events. Other features that SocialQueue offers include:

  • Monitoring queues
  • Regular updates
  • Custom settings
  • Activity recording and archiving
  • Related content threads
  • Risk mitigation
  • Custom data exports and reports
  • Dedicated database: your data, saved in its own firewalled database

Engaging with customers online can be a daunting undertaking. But let’s look at what makes the effort worth it:

  • More than 40% of consumers say information found via social media affects how they deal with their health
  • 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of doctor, hospital or medical facility
  • 30% of adults are likely to share information about health on social-media sites with other patients; 47% with doctors; 43% with hospitals; 38% with a health-insurance company and 32% with a drug company
  • 66% of doctors use social media for professional purposes, often preferring an open forum instead of a physician-only online community

(Special thanks to ReferralMD for curating these stats)

If you’re not already using SocialQueue to streamline and secure your social media properties, and to reap the benefits of participating in online conversations, we’d love to help you get started. Request a demo today.