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SocialQueue Helps Pharma Stay Social

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One of the most important aspects of pharma marketing is helping people make smart decisions about their health. But to help people find answers, we have to know what questions they have first, right? And that means having our finger on the pulse of the places where people are talking about our products. However, engaging with users through social media in the highly regulated pharma industry can be challenging. 

Those who are actively participating in social media understand that monitoring and moderating user-generated content within social channels is key to staying compliant with the FDA. One of the biggest hurdles of the monitoring process is effectively and efficiently managing activity data across multiple accounts.

Searching for new user content across multiple social assets, cataloging the content, forwarding it to appropriate team members to determine the response, and reporting it when necessary is a very manual and time-intensive practice. It’s like sitting down at your living room table to finish a jigsaw puzzle and realizing that the pieces are scattered throughout your house. You have to spend a lot of time and energy searching, gathering and assembling the pieces before you can see the whole picture. 

With so many steps involved in the monitoring and moderation process to mitigate risk, real-time engagement with users can be difficult. Over the past year, as we helped navigate our clients through social media engagement, we anticipated a need to improve the efficiency of our own process. We asked ourselves, “How can we monitor more channels with a quicker response time and detect and track reportable events more effectively?"  

We did what Intouch does best: we provided a solution.

Introducing SocialQueueTM
We’re happy to introduce SocialQueue™, the newest addition to our suite of custom, pharma-friendly products.  

SocialQueue monitors native social network activity without the labor-intensive process of traditional, manual monitoring practices. We can automatically collect and aggregate activity across multiple channels, meaning less time is needed to catalogue user content and more time is available for meaningful interactions.  

When an activity occurs on your social channel, SocialQueue sends out a notification to the people you designate as the community management team. It regularly scans every post on your page for new activity, whether the post is a few hours old or a few years old. This reduces the chance of missing activity on older posts due to human error and unreliable native notifications. When viewing this content in SocialQueue, you’re able to see the relationships between posts in context, so you don’t have to spend time scrolling through your page to find related content. 

SocialQueue is also customizable, so you can configure how you want to review, catalogue and report your data. Managing the data in one place means reporting it — especially when necessary to maintain FDA compliance — is simpler and more efficient.

Check out SocialQueue to learn more about how to prepare yourself for real-time engagement and an easier monitoring process now. For more information, contact me at



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