Digital marketing is our business, but advancements — in tech and techniques — are happening at lightning speed these days. So to make sure we’re on top of the latest information, tech and techniques, and to connect with other industry professionals, we regularly attend and present at conferences around the country. In March, Intouch sent representatives to South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, and the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

Last week, a group of Intouchers attended MM&M’s FutureTech Pharma conference in Philadelphia, where Aaron Uydess, Intouch executive vice president of customer experience, presented a Rapid Fire Session about the importance of keeping it simple when it comes to successful marketing.

Keep It Simple, Prioritize With Scale

Keeping things simple isn’t always so simple — sometimes we’re inclined to reinvent the wheel when we don’t really need to. Reinventing the wheel takes time and resources, Aaron said. Yet many existing tools can make our work as marketers more efficient and effective … if we’re willing to use them with a little configuration. Using those tools to our advantage allows us to spend more time marketing and less time building platforms and campaigns. We need to challenge ourselves when determining whether a configuration or more complex campaign journey will produce higher ROI than one that utilizes more “out of the box” approaches that embrace simplicity.

To be successful, we have to work diligently to keep things simple yet impactful. But this approach should not be confused with “dumbing things down.” The new generation of marketing heroes will leverage agencies that can simultaneously focus on simplicity and business impact to ensure maximum return is achieved.

Many times, marketers get consumed with putting their own stamp on campaigns, platforms, etc., to show value for their role or in execution of “checking the box” traditional tactics. We have to change our mindset about our roles and campaigns — we must avoid building “monuments” that memorialize our skills and instead focus on value. Marketers in the future will be recognized for the revenue they generate, not the tactics they launch.

Leveraging the strength of platforms like SalesForce, Veeva and the Adobe Experience Cloud, and implementing processes to automate tasks and reduce resource needs allows us to focus on providing the best customer experiences that generate the highest revenue possible. If companies and agencies can keep it simple, they can focus on the marketing of “things” versus the “building” of things.

Are you and your teams keeping it simple?