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Scott Bowles Witnesses Dramatic Growth in His Four Years at Intouch

Intouch Team

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A group account director in Intouch’s New York City office, Scott Bowles discusses his career with the company and what he sees for the future.

Tell us about your first week at Intouch

My first week was great! I began my Intouch career in the Chicago office, and, because it was so small at the time, I had the chance to get to know people really quickly. People were very friendly. Coming from a big agency background where it was incredibly impersonal, it was really nice that people made a point to stop by and introduce themselves. In addition, they also helped out with giving me tips and pointers. Within just the first few days, my decision to join Intouch was validated. 

What is the most dramatic change you have witnessed during your time at Intouch?

I’m really in a unique situation. I got to witness extreme growth in our Chicago office, and I’m getting to relive that excitement, as I have transitioned to the New York office. When I first started in Chicago, there were around 25 Intouchers, and we only had three-fourths of a floor downtown. Now, there are more than 140 Chicago Intouchers, and the office has moved to a great space — very sharp and totally decked out. New York seems to be following the same path, and I could not be more excited to be on this journey with them and contributing to its growth firsthand.

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I worked on one of the first adaptive websites for our largest client. It’s a website that works for mobile, tablets, desktops, etc. Being a part of that was exciting because it wasn’t necessarily new, but it was new for the industry. We have a phenomenal technology team that held all of our hands throughout the process, as we had to learn very quickly.

What do you like the most about working at Intouch?

It’s very cliché, but the people really are the best. In my past agency experience, we didn’t have the strong sense of collaboration we have at Intouch. It was sorely lacking. I never feel, when working on a project, that everything is resting on my shoulders at Intouch. I always feel like both my team and all the other departments are supporting me.

Where do you see Intouch and the industry as a whole in 15 years?

From where Intouch began to where we are now, we are a company of evolution. We read the tea leaves and know what we need to be thinking about next. Many agencies out there are behemoths, and change is an incredibly arduous task. For us, even though Intouch keeps growing, we have never forgotten that being quick and nimble is paramount to our success. We always have one eye looking forward and evolve as industry and client needs change.

What is your favorite pop culture reference from 1999?

It has to be the Y2K fear. That was insane. At a gathering on New Year’s Eve, 2000, when everyone was worried about the power stations going down, a friend of mine went into the basement and flipped all of the circuit breakers at midnight. Everyone started freaking out, and it took a few minutes before people realized what actually happened.


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