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Pinning with Purpose

Sarah Lacy

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Hi, my name is Sarah. And I’m a Pinterest addict.

It’s true, I admit it. As soon as I heard about Pinterest months ago, I requested an invite and then checked my email constantly in hopes of finding the confirmation. The anticipation was killing me. I relate it to the residents of Bucklebury waiting for their coveted royal wedding invite from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Total agony.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it is a website that functions as a collection of virtual bulletin boards for collecting clippings, ideas, articles, etc. that can be shared with others.

Waiting for my invitation to join, I could only stare at all the pins, seeing everything from unimaginable chocolate cake recipes to organizational secrets that blew my mind! I saw these virtual pin boards as a fantastic way to organize all of the innovative and creative things I run across daily while surfing the Internet. It’s similar to sharing links from the websites you visit. The exception is that Pinterest is visual. So, links tend to have eye-catching pictures with them to entice others to click, comment or repin to their own pin boards.

All I wanted to do was pin, repin, and participate. I even had a sticky note at my desk with naming conventions for my personal Pin Boards,’ but there was one small hitch …I hadn’t received my invitation!

After a few days of waiting, my invitation finally arrived. I was in! All of this crafty-ness was now at my fingertips and I could bring my sticky note dreams to life. I started slow, simply repinning the things I found most interesting and inspiring. Then I began to pin things myself. And it wasn’t long before I was uploading my own creations to share with other pinners. A whole new world had opened up for me.

You see, I love making crafts, reading inspirational quotes, and I’m always looking for more healthy living tips; this is why I love Pinterest. But I also work for Intouch Solutions, helping manage the agency’s business development and social media efforts. So after mastering my personal Pinterest boards, I thought about starting a Pinterest page for Intouch Solutions. I asked all the necessary questions:

  • What’s the purpose of Intouch being on yet another platform?
  • Are we a fit?
  • What message are we trying to convey?
  • What are others doing in our space?
  • Who will manage it long-term to keep it fresh?

All of these were good questions that needed lots of thought. I knew a business shouldn’t just jump into a new social media platform without a plan. So, after a little research and some long team discussions, I decided to go for it. And the waiting game began yet again. The Intouch sticky note Pin Boards began to fill my desk waiting for their turn to be brought to life.

What makes Intouch a fit?

At Intouch, we pride ourselves on being early adopters. We’ve achieved a few “firsts” in the digital pharma world. We:

So the purpose of our presence on Pinterest is simple: early exploration. We are testing and trying it out just like everyone else; and having fun learning many new things in the process. (And yes, we are keeping an eye on the discussions around copyright issues as well.)

"I view Pinterest as a buffet for the visually creative"

There are several popular social media platforms out there but I view Pinterest as a buffet for the visually creative, and that’s why I believed Intouch was a fit. Pinterest is a large creative outlet. And being a creative agency, it’s a perfect place to really showcase our culture, our work, our ideas, and other things important to us.

Like my own personal Pinterest boards, I wanted our company personality to shine through. It was important to me to stay true to our company’s roots. We are a marketing and advertising agency in the health care arena and I didn’t want that to get lost. We have a wide range of boards, from serious to fun, from Geeking Out to A Day in the Life to Industry Infographics

Check out what we’ve created with Intouch’s own Pinterest Page. Feel free to repin anything you may find interesting. Have you set up a Pinterest board for your company? I would love to view your boards as well. We’re always looking to interact and share ideas.

Happy pinning!


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