As readers of our blog know, 2016 has been about going #ALLin to connect with patients and caregivers, because we know we can’t develop innovative digital health solutions without talking to the people who need them most. We’ve been privileged to meet so many incredible people and learn about their challenges and goals.

In addition to inspiring an internal competitive hackathon this summer, the stories we’ve heard informed an external #ALLin Accelerator event, held in September in New York City. At this event, patients, caregivers, developers, creatives, strategists and executives from the technology and healthcare industries got together to focus on the needs of caregivers.

Event Highlights
Mike Bullis — executive director of the IMAGE Center for People With Disabilities and blind since birth — kicked off the event by talking about the importance of providing independence, rather than assistance, to people with disabilities.

Keynote speakers Henry and Jane Evans, presenting via their Beam telepresence robot from Palo Alto, CA, discussed their lives since Henry became a quadriplegic at the age of 39.

Following the presentations, Accelerator participants split into teams and spent a day creating concepts for digital tools that could help patients and caregivers. Ideas were judged by a panel, and the chosen concept will be piloted by Intouch. However, all of the ideas remain open for development.

The judges included Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware International; Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch; Joe Farris, founder of Manhattan Research, the Digital Health Coalition, JuMP Health Ventures and jumpRx; Doug Hayes, CEO of Junto Health; and Michael Smolens, CEO of Dotsub.

While the piloted tool will contain elements of concepts from each team, the winning team idea was Help Me Care, which will provide caregivers with personalizing insights and education, and include a peer-to-peer services marketplace to connect caregivers with volunteers and independent professionals.

Other ideas included:

  • Go Connect Me — a hub for connections and advice, crowd-sourced with user rankings
  • Just Left, Who’s Next? — a digital hand-off system to help a community of caregivers
  • thisABILITY — a destination for caregivers and patients to share and learn homegrown solutions to move toward independence
  • The Water – an “eHarmony meets Angie’s List” for caregivers that connects them with each other and offers a service database

The winners of the Intouch employee hackathon also presented their idea, Breathe Easy for Caregivers — an independence-building app for young-adult patients to track and share information on their treatment with their loved ones.

To learn more about #ALLin, check our other blog posts or visit our Facebook page for more event photos.