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October 24, 2018

Suggesting Your Way to Superpowers: How Intouch Expertise Works to Keep Reps a Step Ahead

Imagine that your best and brightest reps could be given superpowers. Suddenly, they might have the ability to see into the future, or to know what people were thinking. That might not be such a sci-fi fantasy after all. Since 2010, Intouch has been working with Veeva, which offers cloud-based

October 3, 2018

Tag, You’re It! 2 ‘Musts’ & 7 ‘Shoulds’ for Hashtagging

Social media is awash in hashtags – from the beloved #dogsofinstagram to the deeply serious and timely #metoo and #marchforourlives, there’s a hashtag for nearly everything. This is true in the healthcare space as well. Check out our two MUSTS and seven SHOULDS for hashtagging safely and effectively in a time when internet trolls are ready, willing and able to hijack your message.

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