Yesterday, mobile was about smartphone and iPad apps, and responsive and adaptive web design. Today, marketers are exploring health wearables, beacons, the Internet of Things and virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift.

The International Data Corporation’s Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker® recently estimated that 72.1 million wearable devices will be shipped in 2015. Last year, the Pew Internet Research Project reported that 83% of respondents to its survey of tech experts agreed that “the growth of the Internet of Things and embedded and wearable devices … will have widespread and beneficial effects by 2025.” In short, mobile is here to stay.

In order for pharma to rethink and truly evolve its mobile strategy to take advantage of the opportunity, it first must relinquish the notion that mobile is a thing at all. Pharma must move beyond mobile as a channel, platform or device, and embrace the promise that mobile can connect, engage and transform customer relationships.

How can pharma best apply mobile innovation? The following five core beliefs will help steer every marketer in the right direction.

  1. Mobile can drive human behaviors.
  2. Mobile is a core component of an integrated, multichannel ecosystem.
  3. Mobile can be the foundation for data-driven research.
  4. Mobile, combined with medication, can impact better outcomes.
  5. Mobile is connected.

To learn more about how marketers can be effective in mobile, check out my recent PM360 article, “The New Mobile Promise for Pharma.”