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My Summer at Intouch: Passion, Culture and Experience

Intouch Team

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Starting an internship can feel like the first day of college. Remember fretting about what to wear or where to eat? My first day at Intouch was a mixture of nerves, excitement and curiosity. However, the enthusiastic intern mentors — along with a weeklong orientation — allowed everyone to quickly adapt. From the very beginning, it was clear how passionate the employees are about their work. In particular, one instance stood out to me: A speaker from social media told us a heartfelt story about a girl who was living in her college dorm when the power went out. No big deal, right? Well, I forgot to mention this girl had diabetes and, without power, her insulin spoiled. What did she do? What most college students would — she tweeted. An Intouch social media monitor read the tweet and personally reached out to doctors in order to obtain the help she needed. How many people can leave work knowing they helped change patients’ lives and health? It’s apparent; the employees love their work, but they also love their agency and its lively culture.  

Now let’s be honest: who doesn’t like the idea of monthly cake day, annual beer pong tournaments, and wearing jeans to work? Well, I was lucky to experience all three. The teams go all-out at the annual beer pong tournament — from creative team names to personalized t-shirts and outfits. While our first opponents crushed my teammate and me, we did manage to snag best team outfits for “Intern 1 and Intern 2.”

I can’t say enough how fortunate I was to intern in the Business Development department. It was not only a great experience, but also allowed me to gain firsthand knowledge of the industry and the opportunity to produce real work. I’ve had the chance to be actively involved in a variety of Intouch’s activities in regard to marketing, advertising and public relations. I collaborated on the execution of and its social media platforms. How many interns can say they’ve tweeted for their company? However, my overall favorite experience was coordinating and participating in a brainstorm with several of Intouch’s directors and an executive vice president.

This internship has allowed me to grow as an individual, gain industry knowledge, and obtain hands-on experience regarding pharma — from rules and regulations to digital and interactive marketing strategies to research and competition analysis. I’m grateful that I could be a part of the innovative Intouch family and the Business Development department last summer.



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