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My Summer at Intouch: Big Personalities, Big Ideas

Intouch Solutions

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I had no idea what to expect my first week as a summer intern at Intouch Solutions. I walked in feeling a mixture of excitement, curiosity and nervousness. With no former experience or knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry, you can bet that I also felt a little intimidated. It all quickly faded, though, as we began intern orientation week. Our enthusiastic mentors helped us to adapt and feel at ease. After learning about the agency mission, culture and work ethic, I knew Intouch would be the workplace for me.

My role in the social media department
Working in the social media department, the daily tasks I was assigned throughout the summer were more than just busywork. Intouch gave me the responsibility of meaningful, real-industry projects that were equally important to my team and our clients. Some of the responsibilities I helped with included researching upcoming events, attending social media strategy and brainstorming sessions, and conducting research and competitive analysis.

Intouch is full of big personalities, and big personalities bring big and new ideas.

Although I came into this internship with what I thought were strong social media skills, I had to ramp up my game because pharma is such a unique industry. The process and attention to detail, including what can be said and how, are extremely important.

I was able to work with and do research on a variety of disease states. I got to see the struggles and successes that patients and their caregivers went through on a daily basis, and it helped me empathize with patient communities. I loved being part of a team that kept patients  informed and directed them toward the help they need.

Highlights of my internship
My favorite experience at Intouch was the weekly strategic services intern education. Each Friday, the interns from the social media, CRM, analytics, media and search teams met to learn about the purpose of each department and the role they play at Intouch. After hearing from each department, we had the opportunity to present what we’d learned to our managers and fellow interns. As a result, I gained knowledge and a better understanding of how strategic services work together for Intouch and for our clients, as well as presentation practice in the agency setting.

I am so grateful to have been a part of the social media team this summer. In just three short months, I have gained industry knowledge and hands-on experience in rules and regulations, research and analytics, and community management. By interning at Intouch, I feel that I made a difference, and I loved the people I had the opportunity to work alongside.

One thing I love about Intouch is that you can be yourself. Intouch is full of big personalities, and big personalities bring big and new ideas. The connections I have made are unlike any other, and I am so thankful for the guidance I received from the most passionate and driven people.




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