“To improve is to change; so to be perfect is to have changed often.”
— Winston Churchill

Intouch’s Chicago office space has been through four expansions in the eight years since it opened its doors. Some people might see these frequent changes as a nuisance, but we think our continued growth — in employee numbers and accounts — is a pretty wonderful “problem” to have.

As of November 2016, our nearly 200 Chicago employees now occupy the 31st and 32nd floors of 205 N. Michigan Ave.

The beautifully renovated 32nd floor features an open floorplan, lots of natural light, and many multi-use spaces. Amanda Nordquist and Kate Pixler, of ACN Designs, worked closely with Intouch Chicago’s executive creative director, Marty Canniff, to realize his vision for the space.

“We wanted to create a space that fostered collaboration, creativity, community and innovation,” says Marty. “We’re here to hack healthcare for the people, and we’ve created a space that nudges and inspires us to fulfill that pursuit every day.”

Reception has been moved from the 31st floor to the 32nd floor. When you step off the elevator, you’re greeted by 100-year-old reclaimed wood beams along the walls and ceiling and a view of the Chicago skyline.

The new kitchen space has three booths with monitors for screen sharing during impromptu meetings; a white-board wall for brainstorming; a large community table; a comfortable couch; several tables and chairs; a ping pong table for blowing off steam; and, of course, a keg with our favorite seasonal beer on tap. There’s also a coffee bar featuring a machine that makes bean-to-cup espresso drinks, pour-over coffee, and cold-brew coffee and tea.

Intouch Chicago’s vice president of administration, Mary Doherty, was integral to the expansion project. “Our growth since we moved to 205 N. Michigan in 2012 has been tremendous,” said Mary. “We have doubled in size, and that growth has given our team the opportunity to not only expand the space, but evolve it and create a highly functional and inspirational space.”

We’re all finally getting settled in, loving the new space, and looking forward to our holiday happy hour on December 15 to break it in. We hope you’ll visit us soon!