It’s been another busy year at Intouch! If you followed our blog in 2016, you’ve no doubt read about our yearlong #ALLin campaign and the dozens of health-related events Intouch and individual Intouchers participated in as we sought insights about patient and caregiver experiences.

As central as #ALLin has been to us this year, we’ve also continued to provide the excellent service our clients expect. Part of that service is keeping tabs (and weighing in) on pharma-related trends and news. Before we move on to 2017, we’ve gathered 2016’s top 10 posts for one last look.

What Pharma Needs to Know to Connect With Millennials 
The Millennial generation is now the largest generation in the United States, and it’s changing the face of healthcare. Millennial consumers demand that brands develop strategies that keep them at the center and are designed to engage with them in the channels they already frequent.

From Salesperson to Concierge: The Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Representative
These days, the pharma rep’s role is less about sales and more about customer service. In this post, we’ll tell you how reps can provide value far beyond samples and branded office supplies.

The Next-Gen DSA: Customized, Simplified, Relevant
We’ve accumulated reams of quantitative data and gathered feedback from hundreds of reps and physicians on the use of digital sales aids (DSAs) in pharma detailing. Learn about what it takes to make DSAs better and more productive tools.

Chatbots Are About to Transform Facebook
As messaging apps become the fastest-growing and most-used apps, marketers need to evolve with the way users are choosing to interact, exploring new and relevant technologies — like chatbots.

Facebook Introduces Flexible, Creative Canvas Ad Format
Canvas ads allow brands to unleash creativity within the ad unit itself, giving the user a more immersive experience. Learn more in this post.

Marketing for Our Modern World: Market Access Made Easy
Market access — that is, connecting patients who need consistent, affordable access to a brand to ensure positive health outcomes — and reimbursement are now central to the entire pharma ecosystem. Intouch market access group director Peter Weissberg offers suggestions to help pharma marketers make market access a fundamental part of every brand’s strategy.

Intouch Is #ALLin for Caregivers: Our Research and Whitepaper
We partnered with the Digital Health Coalition to conduct original research on the impact of caregiving on patients’ health; key challenges caregivers face; and how they’re using digital tech to help them provide the best care. Our whitepaper details those findings and offers insights that will equip healthcare marketers to better serve these heroic, hidden healthcare providers.

Patients and Caregivers Take Center Stage at Intouch’s #ALLin Accelerator Hackathon
Read about what happened when patients, caregivers, developers, creatives, strategists and executives from the tech and healthcare industries got together to focus on the needs of caregivers.

Andrew vs. Magnus: My Game Against the World Chess Champion
One of our resident geniuses, Andrew Grojean, played in an exhibition game against the world champion of chess — a.k.a., the guy who in 2014 beat Microsoft’s Bill Gates in a mere nine moves. Andrew’s goal in the game, he said, was to last longer than Gates, and he did. By a lot.

Intouch Interns Hack Healthcare for the People
This past summer, 28 interns worked in our three U.S. offices on existing client projects as well as on group projects for nonprofit clients that focused on kids affected by chronic conditions.