Technology has evolved to make connecting easier and more automated, and we’re now capable of developing and maintaining vast multichannel campaigns that reach consumers at the right time on the channels they frequent. Yet, according to Peter Weissberg, Intouch’s market access group director, pharma marketers still struggle to make the most of the tools available.

“Many brands and agency partners are not good at communicating with patients or HCPs around market access issues,” Peter says.

Market access — that is, connecting patients who need consistent, affordable access to a brand to ensure positive health outcomes — and reimbursement have become central to the entire pharma ecosystem. Patients and physicians are now forced to think about market access just as much as they must weigh any clinical decisions. But, says Peter, very few brands seem to be factoring market access into their strategic planning. This oversight hinders brand performance, from small biotechs to big pharma.

“In the present market access environment, patients can get lost in a sea of reimbursement and insurance red tape,” says Peter. “A brand that provides a personalized helping hand with such things would truly be doing something all [pharma] marketers claim as one of their primary goals: empowering the patient.”

Pharma marketers must make market access a fundamental part of every brand’s strategy. How do we do this? By using the tools and technologies available to gather data about patient behaviors, needs, health outcomes and more.

To learn about how marketers and brands can make the most of the resources available to them, read Peter’s complete article, Marketing for Our Modern World, published late this summer by Medical Marketing & Media. For even more information, reach out to us at or contact your account lead.