Video is becoming the majority of Internet and mobile traffic. It has been proven in email to skyrocket click-thrus and slice opt-outs, and customers who view video are far more likely to purchase. Yet in a recent survey, marketers ranked video dead last in terms of exciting opportunities.

A decade ago, video may have been just another tactic, but today, it’s a fundamental part of what our audiences expect from a digital experience. Is that worrisome? It shouldn’t be. Today, video technologies seem almost custom-designed for healthcare marketing. It’s easy to quickly chop videos into “snackable” chunks; select from a pile of videos and patch them together to create something custom-built for each viewer; and develop interactive “choose your own adventure” videos that respond intelligently to user input. Even better, they all can live on any device or medium.

Intouch VP and executive creative Brent Scholz explains more about video, including practical examples of how pharma brands can put it into action today, in Medical Marketing & Media: