Earlier this year, we wrote about a tragedy that affected one of our own. Sunayana Dumala — a database developer in Intouch’s Kansas City office — lost her husband Srinivas Kuchibhotla this past February, after he was fatally shot in a hate crime at a local restaurant.

Since then, Sunayana has had several opportunities to speak about what happened, and about the husband – and the life — she lost to senseless violence. Most recently, she joined two others affected by hate crimes at a forum organized by the New York Times and held at Rockhurst University. Ian Grillot was injured trying to protect Sunayana’s husband, and Mindy Corporon lost her father and 14-year-old son in a shooting at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center in April 2014.

“I’m thankful to the New York Times and their journalist, Audra DS Burch, for giving me an opportunity and providing me a platform to share my story, pain and struggle,” said Sunayana following the event. “I appreciate their efforts in trying to engage the community and make it stronger. It was an honor to share the stage with Mindy and Ian, and hopefully we did our part in spreading the message of positivity, love and peace. I would also like to thank everyone present at the event for taking a few hours from their day to listen to us. It is just the beginning, and there is a long way ahead. Hopefully, one day we will succeed in making our society a better place for everyone – safe and secure.”

You can read more about the event and the stories of the participants here and here.