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Joanna Friel-Wimmer Judges 2014 CLIO Healthcare Awards

Intouch Team

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At Intouch Solutions, we strive to create topnotch work and provide state-of-the-art solutions for each client. But it’s our talented employees and their strategic insight into industry trends that sets us apart and allows us to harness some of the most creative and innovative solutions at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Intouch brains are continually sought out by the industry, and our creative team is no exception.

Joanna Friel-Wimmer, group creative director in the Chicago office, is one Intoucher who regularly shares her expertise to benefit our industry. Joanna recently had the honor of serving as a member of the Digital Jury for the 2014 CLIO Healthcare Awards.

Joanna took a user-experience approach when judging the submitted works. After navigating through the websites as though she were a person who came across it naturally, she read the strategies submitted alongside them and based her judgment on how well the strategy and user experience corresponded, as well as the overall quality of the work.

With previous award judging experience, Joanna knows a thing or two about reviewing submissions.

“The caliber of work was very, very high,” said Joanna. “I think this will be an even larger category in the next few years, too. It might gain some momentum because the rigor around this award means something.”

Although Joanna felt the jury process lacked the camaraderie that comes from judges working in one location, she emphasized that this was an award truly based on merit and that there were several impressive submissions, specifically international work. Judging the CLIO Awards gave Joanna a better understanding of where the industry is heading, as well as areas where Intouch can continue to improve and remain on the cutting edge.

As for takeaways, Joanna said there were many.

“There were examples where the medium was used as more of an experience. It was both engaging and participatory,” said Joanna. “As an industry, we need to continue to head that way.”

Insight and industry knowledge weren’t the only gains from this year’s CLIO Healthcare Awards. Intouch Solutions’ KidneyAPPetiteTM App, which is intended to make nutrient tracking easier, won silver in the digital category.

Want to learn more about Joanna’s experience judging the CLIO Awards? Drop her a line at



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