We marketers sometimes like to think of ourselves as artists. What we do is creative — a refined talent based on taste and imagination, right?

Increasingly, though, our work depends on data-driven science — not only in terms of the drugs and technologies that our clients represent, but also in the tools we use to tell their stories. True, these data-driven marketing tools can be scientific and dry. But they can also be as exciting as any burst of creativity. With their help, we can tell exactly the right story, in the right place, at the right time, to the right people.

Behavioral science is one of the newer and more fascinating disciplines making its way into the smart marketer’s curriculum. It gives us insight into why and how people act in order to predict and use those impulses effectively.

It’s vitally important because often human behavior doesn’t make logical sense. Just consider: why do we so often make unhealthy decisions, even when we know better? Understanding that, and working to prevent it, is at the heart of a great deal of our work as health marketers.

Intouch EVP Boris Kushkuley explains four irrational human decision-making instincts, why they happen and how smart marketers can work with them in an article for Medical Marketing & Media: http://www.mmm-online.com/the-delicate-human-side-of-marketing-science/article/407902/