Kansas City is a place that takes sporting events very seriously. We bleed red for the Chiefs and blue for our beloved Royals. We tailgate, cheer, and dress ridiculously from head-to-toe in support of our favorite teams to ensure victory over our rivals. This love of competition and team pride is no different within the walls of our Intouch headquarters. And with the Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC) just around the corner, our KCCC committee recently encouraged registration by hosting a week-long ‘Intouch Spirit’ event.

What is KCCC?
It its 36th year, KCCC is an Olympic-type event held from April to June that allows Kansas City area companies to interact and compete in 29 different sporting events. Think of it as corporate intramurals, if you will. Companies are placed into divisions based on size and then go head-to-head with other division teams in events such as flag football, swimming, horseshoes, 3v3 soccer, and darts. Division winners are crowned and selected based on a point system tied to each event.

#IntouchSpirit Takes Over
This is the fourth consecutive year Intouch has formally competed and we will need all the participants we can get as we continue to move into larger divisions. Similar to school homecoming weeks, #IntouchSpirit week proved a fun way to promote Intouch pride and increase participation in Corporate Challenge. Each day, Intouchers were encouraged to show their spirit by dressing up accorinding to themes such as Super Hero day, 80’s day, and school pride day.

“As a committee, we wanted to spice up our usual ‘come and sign up for KCCC’ by really getting everyone involved,” said Ashley Davis eCommunications specialist and KCCC committee head. “Seeing my colleagues dressed in their 80’s gear or favorite superhero outfit has been so much fun; people are really getting into it.”

With #IntouchSpirit now bursting out of our office walls, everyone is successfully pumped up for this year’s KCCC competition. Follow along as the events kick off and Intouch dominates the field by checking out our Twitter and Instagram feeds.