Many of us in the KC office get straight-up giddy when there’s a dog around. Last summer, we hosted a “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” — a huge success, btw — and boy, do we love our Puppy Grams. Dogs just seem to make everything better. We keep proposing the adoption of one (or more!) office dogs, but so far, the CEO isn’t biting.

Another thing we get excited about is giving our time to worthwhile causes. In fact, employees get a half-day of paid time for volunteering each year. Last week, six Intouchers from the KC office decided to use that paid time to combine their commitment to philanthropy with their affection for animals.

Ashley Davis, Erika Poojara, Jessica Martinez, Kara Hall, and Matthew Minnich — all from the e-communications team — and Brian McQueen, a marketing analytics implementation developer, volunteered at Wayside Waifs, a nonprofit no-kill pet shelter that’s been finding loving homes for pets in need for the past 73 years.

It wasn’t all puppy cuddles, though. “We toured the facility; learned about fostering and adoption; viewed surgery on a dog; fed afternoon treats to all of the dogs; and folded laundry … so much laundry,” said Jessica.

Thanks to everyone who gave their time at the shelter. Even though you didn’t bring back one or two office dogs, we’re still proud of your good works!