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Intouch Welcomes KC-Area Hackers

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It’s been quite a month here at Intouch Solutions since the big move into our gorgeous new office space. Eager to show off our digs, we were excited to partner with Kansas City IT Professionals (KCITP) to host the Compute Midwest Kansas City-area Hackathon.

“What is a hackathon?” you may ask. In short, it’s a 24-hour app-building competition that encourages developers and designers to network with area professionals and create projects outside their typical work-based realms , duking it out for the chance to win more than a thousand dollars’ worth of prizes.

This past weekend, we were proud to be a part of it all — a hotbed of innovation, with more than 80 developers and designers, a generous handful of volunteers, and enough coffee and Mountain Dew to fill a sports stadium.

Two Intouch Solutions teams participated:

Team Round One included Else Blake, Matt Dunn and Ryan Holsman. The app they created allows users with different wearable devices to compete with each other in numerous physical activities. The users create either public or private challenges in areas like number of calories burned, minutes spent active and steps taken. Users can even smack talk via SMS within the app and let their competitors know how awesome it feels to be in the lead. Visit the demo site here:

Team FitPay included Austin Burrow and Andrew Rangel. FitPay utilizes people’s love for gaming to help create a healthier future for themselves. The app taps into users’ health data and allows them to leverage it for in-app purchases in the games they already love. A hypothetical example: a user who walks three thousand steps could earn an additional life in Candy Crush.  The ultimate goal of the app concept would be to partner with large game companies.

Always one step ahead in technology, Intouch Solutions has a long, strong history of participating and winning big in area hackathons, including Hack the Midwest 2014, Hack the Midwest 2013 and Compute Midwest Hackathon 2012.

This year, we couldn’t have been happier with the event, the turnout and the opportunity to show off our swanky new home to area developers. Another team participating explained the outcome perfectly by saying our new space was fresh, the brunch was fantastic, and the coffee was that perfect extra little push. And when attending a 24-hour event, what’s more important than on-point grub and drinks to keep the energy and ideas flowing? (If you’re curious, Intouch always serves KC’s own The Roasterie Coffee.) 

Happy hacking to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners! 


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