Cheesy, overused sayings aside, anyone in business knows that effective teamwork builds momentum, improves morale, increases quality of work and drives results. Intouchers work together effectively on nearly everything they touch.

Turns out our commitment to teamwork isn’t limited to inside the office.

In fact, teams from Intouch’s Kansas City, Chicago and New York offices participate in local recreational sports leagues. Whether it’s to meet new colleagues, stay active or simply blow off steam, everybody involved looks forward to fostering teamwork outside office walls.


Volleyball is quite popular with our Kansas City and Chicago offices, which boast multiple teams. This summer, Intouchers competed weekly in their respective sand volleyball leagues.

“Sand volleyball is an especially great way for those of all skill levels to get together, be active and have fun outside,” said Kansas City account manager, Jordyn Nolan.

Although the Chicago office team was composed of different players each week, they made it to the championship match in their summer league. They fell to a more experienced group, but associate art director, Maia Bridges, asserted, “We’re definitely going to take the trophy next year.”

Win or lose, all the teams emphasized that the games and after-game beverages were a great way to get to know each other and build camaraderie.

Now, as the cold weather approaches, the sand beneath their feet has been replaced with hardwood as the teams transition to the slightly more competitive indoor leagues.


Indoor volleyball players aren’t the only Intouchers hitting the hardwood, as both New York and Kansas City offices sport bowling teams. The Kansas City bowling team, captained by analytics development director, Michael Schmidt, is off to a great start. In just three weeks, the team moved from ninth to third place in a 12-team league. Despite this being the team’s inaugural year, its members all have nicknames and “specialties” ranging from Queen Close-a-Frame’s consistency to The Hammer’s sheer velocity.

On Monday nights, the New York bowling team only has to walk a few blocks from their new office space to Frames Bowling Lounge for league play. New York Intouchers are drawn (equally) to the casual competition and upscale bowling alley food.


For Intouchers looking to connect body and mind, the Kansas City office recently test-drove a new fitness option, yoga class during Thursday lunch hours to help associates build strength and flexibility, de-stress, and connect with each other. The classes are for all levels of yogis, from those who’ve never tried yoga to those well-versed in back bending. One of the most important aspects of yoga is focusing on the breath and poses, which gives the mind a break from the pressures of projects and deadlines.

“Yoga allows me to leave stresses at the door and provides an opportunity to focus on neglected muscles to prepare for what the rest of the workday has in store,” said account administrator, Hailey Lapin.

No matter what city they’re from, many Intouchers enjoy playing on a team and getting in a workout. And, besides physical fitness, out-of-office camaraderie strengthens our organization as a whole.

Good luck to the teams that are currently in season. And remember, while there is no “i” in team, there is one in “win!”