Hack Midwest is billed as “Kansas City’s largest app-building competition,” and it certainly lived up to its name this year. On July 21 and 22, nearly 250 developers from companies and universities like Cerner, VML, Walmart Labs, Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Vanderbilt gathered at the coworking space iWerx in north Kansas City for Hack Midwest’s 24-hour hackathon, and of course a group of Intouch’s brightest was there.

Intouch’s team was one of 43 that participated, and — ‘scuse us for bragging a bit — they knocked it out of the park with EIGHT category wins for their app called Neighborhood, which the team describes this way:

We’ve been promised for years that social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat would connect us and bring us closer. But we’ve been moving further and further apart since the advent of air conditioning—when we moved from the porch swing to the couch. We’ve never been more divided than we are right now, and we see this division even between those who are literally closest to us: our neighbors. If we want to fix things, it’s time to go local.

Welcome to the Neighborhood. A hyper-local, real-time, real-life network and exchange made up of your actual neighbors that rewards “neighborly” acts of kindness and brings us all closer together.

As we mentioned, the Intouch team brought home eight awesome prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $5,000, presented by LaunchKC
  • Best App with Alexa Skills: four echo spot devices, presented by Amazon Alexa
  • Best FinTech App: $500, presented by NBKC Bank
  • Best FinTech Innovation: $500, presented by Multi Service Technology Solutions
  • Best App using Machine Learning: $500 donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, presented by DataRobot
  • Best use of Blockchain: $500 in Ethereum,presented by QuikNode
  • Best use of Okta APIs: Apple Homepod,presented by Okta
  • Best use of Box APIs: DJI Spark, presented by Box

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway … CONGRATS, GUYS!

Photo of Intouch team members at Hack Midwest 2018

Pictured (above left): Jeff MacFarland, creative director and Craig Johnston, director, creative technology; (above right) Abid Rahman, senior director, innovation and new technology development; Michael Stark, senior innovation associate; and Jacob Shepherd, director of product development.