To celebrate the hard work we’ve done in 2017, Intouch’s Chicago, New York and Kansas City teams recently got out of their respective offices for some playtime. Here, each office shares highlights from the events.


The Chicago office used our first Friday back from summer hours to leave even earlier! We hopped onto charter busses, hit some classic Chicago traffic, and were greeted at the door of WhirlyBall by a cheer squad of our beloved (and hashtag-tee wearing) executive team, who brought out the glitter bombs, noise makers, and green shots to kick off the party.

It was a packed afternoon where we could let our hair down a bit, catch up with friends (and make new ones!), and relax from our normally busy schedules. Bowling was a blast, and not even the classiest fashionista was exempt from wearing those funky shoes. Laser Tag was upstairs in a dark fortress-like space – Green Team and Red Team, trying to beat the clock, darted around corners, up ramps, and from above and below, aimed to destroy opponents. Of course, at Intouch we’re partial to the Green team. Then, of course there was WhirlyBall – a combination game using bumper cars, lacrosse-style sticks, and basketball-style scoring. Last we heard, only one person had bruises from the experience!

Overall, it was a great afternoon to take a break from the pressures of the day-to-day and definitely brought some of us closer together. And who could turn down some silly photos in the photo booth, or a goodie bag from the beautiful candy display by Candyality before heading home (or to the after party?). We can’t wait for the next outing!

Collage of people having fun at Intouch Chicago summer outing

New York

Aloha! The New York office loves a good themed party, so we decided to make ours a luau.

We started with a happy hour in the office and enjoyed a surprise show from Paradise Island Luau Dancers. Intouchers got to try out the hula skirts and coconut bras while putting their hula dancing skills to the test. Next, we all boarded the classic Harbor Line Yacht, Manhattan II, and cruised around the harbor. We enjoyed a delicious spread of catered food and drinks and kept the party going well into the night after at Bowlmor Lanes. Our summer outing offered a beautiful view of the city and an unforgettable night!

Collage of people having fun at Intouch New York summer outing

Kansas City

Just like the Chicago office, Intouch KC loves an afternoon full of games, so we went down the road to Main Event for an Intouch Arcade Day! Intouchers were encouraged to team up for some friendly competition in laser tag, bowling, billiards and air hockey. The real thrill seekers got high in the sky with the gravity ropes challenge and tested their metal with swaying bridges, balancing planks and tight ropes, and zip lined their way through the arcade – all while suspended high above the games gallery. For those who wanted to keep their feet on terra firma, there were plenty of classic arcade games like skee-ball, pop-a-shot, Pac Man, Dance Dance Revolution and more. Needless to say, we were all pretty sweaty by the end of the day; but hey, what’s better than sweating with your buddies?

Collage of people having fun at Intouch Kansas City summer outing