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Intouch Solutions Supports Diabetes Alert Day

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As you may or may not know, Diabetes is a condition growing at epidemic proportions. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 26 million Americans currently have diabetes, and 7 million of those are undiagnosed. To bring that number into perspective, that’s nearly twice the population of the city of Los Angeles!

With numbers continuing to rise each year, the level of effort required to raise awareness and educate Americans about the disease continues to grow, as well. To meet that demand, the American Diabetes Association has launched a month-long campaign as part of their Stop Diabetes initiative focused on getting 1 million people to assess their risk for Type 2 diabetes. The campaign is being conducted from March 22 — April 22 and saw a successful kick-off on March 22, referred to in the diabetes community as "Diabetes Alert Day".

As an agency partner working closely with sanofi-aventis on their diabetes initiatives, we have an opportunity to better understand the impact of the disease on people living with diabetes and their family members and/or caregivers. We also know that awareness plays a key role in helping people manage their overall health.

As part of the initiative, we worked with our clients at sanofi-aventis to develop and implement a company-wide program encouraging sanofi-aventis employees to participate in the campaign and spread the news about their participation. The activities were a great success, and were published in an article on the Discuss Diabetes blog.

To support the campaign at Intouch we launched an office-wide campaign to educate our associates, asking them to participate in the "Million Challenge". Our internal messaging urged our associates to assess their risk for Type 2 diabetes and spread the word to their friends and family about the challenge. Once an employee took the test, many followed our clients lead and placed a checkmark on their hand and spread the word via their social media channels. As you can see in the photo below, the turnout was fantastic!

The campaign continues through April 22, so if you haven’t already shown your support and assessed your risk, we encourage you to take a few minutes to do so here. We encourage you to follow our lead and spread the word with your co-workers, family and friends and let us know how your efforts go.


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