2017 Veeva Global Commercial & Medical Summit (May 8, 2017) —Intouch Solutions, a leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, is proud to announce its certification on Veeva CRM MyInsights, an innovative new data visualization capability that provides tailored insights right in Veeva CRM. Intouch Solutions is one of the first to join the growing Veeva CRM MyInsights certified provider ecosystem.

“Veeva CRM MyInsights gives customers the ability to visualize their data any way they want and embed it right at the point of action,” said Arno Sosna, general manager of Veeva CRM. “Flexible and easy to use, Veeva CRM MyInsights can be quickly developed or extended for tailored data visualizations that drive the best actions at the right time.”

Veeva CRM MyInsights’ flexible framework allows customers or partners to easily create or customize data visualizations using standard HTML or JavaScript.

“As customer engagement processes evolve, it’s key to Intouch Solutions and our clients that we provide deeper insight into our target audiences,” said Ron Kane, senior vice president, strategic partnerships. “Veeva CRM MyInsights allows us to translate data into action quickly and effectively, making data immediately actionable so our clients benefit from knowledge on statistics, trends, and intelligence.”

Intouch’s history of collaboration with Veeva positions the agency to help its clients take full advantage of the capabilities found with Veeva CLM, Veeva CRM Approved Email, Veeva CRM Engage, and Veeva OpenData. Intouch Solutions served as a content partner for Veeva iRep in 2011, was a certified web content partner in 2013, announced level four certification status in 2016, and joined the Veeva OpenData partner program in 2016 and the Veeva Technology partner program in 2017.

Using Veeva CRM MyInsights, Intouch can now help pharmaceutical companies boost their rep’s call effectiveness to better serve HCPs and their patients. As seen in the graphic to the left, Veeva CRM MyInsights delivers significant value in visualizing data to create actionable insights.

About Intouch Solutions Inc.
Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions Inc. is a privately held marketing agency with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York City and London. Intouch employs more than 650 people and has been named Agency of the Year five times. Specializing in solutions for the life science industries, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at getintouch@intouchsol.com or visit them on the Web at www.intouchsol.com.