Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of seven employees in its Kansas City office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes within the 650-person firm.

The seven employees include:

Dani Berger, group account director, began her career with Intouch in 2013. Berger’s logical assessment of a key client’s situations has allowed Intouch to make strategic decisions about where and how to pursue business. She recently led a team through a major product launch, and continues to be loved by all her clients. She’s known for her positive and can-do attitude, which make her a pleasure to work with and for. As group account director, Berger will continue to let her leadership skills shine as she leads a key account team to continued success.

Jessica Cox, group account director, joined Intouch in 2008 and has since played a key role in the company. Over the years, Cox has built strong client relationships and worked diligently to firmly position Intouch as a valuable strategic resource. Her leadership has contributed to Intouch’s positive business growth year over year, including the positioning and selling of several unique and ground-breaking projects. In her new role as group account director, Cox serves as the client lead on strategic and tactical plans for multi-channel digital marketing efforts across multiple pharmaceutical brands. She also provides guidance and leadership to select account staff.

Danielle Elliott, associate media director, has been with the company for more than three years. Formerly a media supervisor, Elliott is known for achieving consistent day-to-day success. She recently demonstrated great leadership skills through her work on a paid search realignment and by ensuring the paid search team was supported and headed in the right direction. As associate media director, Elliott guides her team and focuses on further integrating paid search with other media channels to create a holistic media strategy.

Karina Kleiner, group creative director, has played a key role in the company since joining as a creative director in December 2014. Kleiner is sought after for her commitment, strong leadership, passion for helping clients, and knowledge of all things digital and design. In her new role as group creative director, Kleiner leads creative strategy and development across multiple client brands by cultivating innovative thinking and problem solving while working closely across multi-disciplinary teams.

Nicole Leighty, senior project manager, joined Intouch in 2013 as an intern. Since then, she’s demonstrated her dedication to helping the company and its clients succeed. As senior project manager, Leighty manages $2.5 million in projects, serves as the point of contact for all internal resources, as well as 50 external stakeholders and vendors, and mentors junior staff. In addition, she tracks and monitors the budget and high-risk issues on a multi-million-dollar portfolio.

Holly Owens, marketing and communications supervisor, joined Intouch in 2012. Owens has since played an instrumental role in establishing best-in-class internal communications, culture initiatives and events at Intouch. Previously senior manager of marketing and communications, Owens’ colleagues appreciate her positive spirit, professionalism, knowledge, and her get-it-done approach. As marketing and communications supervisor, she oversees internal communications, internal and external events, implements and manages the company’s customer relationship management program, and conducts media planning and execution.

Tricia Vivona, associate media director, has been with Intouch for three years. During this time, she has proved herself to be invaluable to the team through her contributions to Intouch’s digital display media offerings. Formerly a media supervisor, Vivona helped formulate key processes, as well as carved herself out as a departmental leader through her ownership of INSIGHT Media Marketplace. She has touched every team member with her positive spirit and focused ambition, proving herself as a role model and teacher. As associate media director, she leads programmatic buying and oversees INSIGHT Media Marketplace.

About Intouch Solutions Inc.

Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions Inc. is a privately held marketing agency with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York City and London. Intouch employs more than 650 people and has been named Agency of the Year five times. Specializing in solutions for the life science industries, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at getintouch@intouchsol.com or visit them on the Web at www.intouchsol.com.