Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of nine employees in its Overland Park, Kansas, office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes within the 650-person firm.

The nine employees include:

Tyler Graves, manager, social media, joined the Intouch team in March 2015 as a social media analyst. From his first day on the job, Graves not only demonstrated an ability to perform at an exceptional level, but also took the initiative to tackle responsibilities within the monitoring and moderation teams, assisting with numerous needs across the social media department. As manager, social media, Graves’ responsibilities include quality assurance and supervisory tasks within the monitoring and moderation team for social media. Graves also works alongside multiple teams and clients within Intouch Solutions to deliver social media assistance
and excellence.

Jennifer Starr, senior manager, social media, is a sought after resource by colleagues in the Kansas City and New York City offices for her expertise on social media strategic direction. Starr joined Intouch in February 2013 and most recently worked as manager, social media, where she led social strategy and execution for multiple client accounts simultaneously. Always looking for opportunities to grow and expand, Starr excels in her new role as senior manager, social media. In this position she continues to lead social strategy and execution for two key client accounts, as well as provides estimates and ensures budgets are handled correctly. Additionally, Starr assists the director with team planning, revenue management and cross-team communication. She also thinks of new ways to improve strategic positioning of social channels to fit with clients’ business goals, and attends business and planning meetings to provide valuable insight into ways social can elevate a brand’s success.

Kirk Barnhart, director, Project Management Office (PMO), started at Intouch in August 2011 as a technical engagement project manager focusing solely on mobile application projects. Barnhart was recently promoted to director, NYC PMO, and in this position he oversees the project management activities for all New York projects. Barnhart assists with the account teams on new business opportunities, and manages a team of project managers in both the Kansas City and New York City offices.

Ashley Davis, senior eCommunications specialist, was previously an eCommunications specialist. Davis joined Intouch in November 2012 and has not only contributed immensely to planning and implementation initiatives, but has also brought a sharp focus to how Intouch communicates and cross trains within the eCommunications department and across teams. Her exceptional communication skills and approach to the business have allowed Davis to create knowledge sharing opportunities that foster information exchange, trust and support. In her new role, Davis plans and executes relationship marketing projects, and is the primary point of contact to finalize project requirements, estimates, timelines and plans. She also coordinates the set-up and execution of campaigns by providing implementation direction. Additionally, Davis is responsible for providing leadership and training to new and existing team members.

Kevin Weaver, eCommunications specialist, joined Intouch in June 2014 as an associate eCommunications specialist. Since onboarding, Weaver has shown strong problem-solving skills and the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities with competing deadlines. Weaver has built strong relationships with internal partnering teams through his communication skills and proactive approach on projects, which benefit him in his new role as eCommunications specialist. In this position Weaver primarily works with senior-level customer relationship management team members and account management staff to plan and execute relationship marketing projects. He assists in consumer experience planning by providing input to business requirements, contributing to functionality requirements, and influencing and approving use case development and test
plan finalization.

Mark Stephan, relationship marketing (RM) strategist, began working at Intouch Solutions as a CRM analyst in June 2014. In this role, Stephan was relied on for industry best practices, which he communicated to Intouch’s RM strategists and clients through white papers, presentations, POVs and more. Stephan’s determination and eye for spotting industry trends made him an ideal candidate for the RM strategist position he works in today. In this role, Stephan serves as a subject matter expert and helps clients achieve innovative, personalized and successful marketing strategies that facilitate long-term relationships with patients and healthcare providers. He is also responsible for developing acquisition, conversion and retention programs, which benefit overall brand strategy and goals. Additionally, his day-to-day activities include optimizing and tweaking in-market programs, and working with other Intouch teams to plan multichannel program solutions.

Erin West, customer relationship management (CRM) analyst, joined Intouch in June 2014 as an associate marketing analyst. Numerous accomplishments contributed to West’s promotion to CRM analyst, including the primary role she played in establishing best practices for reporting efforts and her ability to take the lead on data reporting for several clients. As CRM analyst, West identifies and documents key performance indicators using defined business objectives and goals, and finds workable solutions to deliver quality, actionable reports. Additionally, she develops a custom reporting dashboard, and presents to team members, internal business stakeholders
and clients.

Wes Marfield, team lead, eCommunications, has been a member of the Intouch team since 2012 and has proven his commitment to successfully completing projects time and time again. Previously a senior eCommunications specialist, Marfield took point on implementing relationship management (RM) programs for several key brands. Marfield continuously provides the best planning and implementation solutions available. He has earned the trust of his colleagues by setting expectations that instill confidence in his ability and expertise. In his role as team lead, eCommunications, Marfield continues to influence the development and implementation of RM projects across several clients, and assumes primary responsibility for managing a group of senior, mid-level and associate eCommunications specialists.

Brad Cunard, senior director, project management office (PMO), started at Intouch in November 2011 and was formerly director, PMO. Throughout his tenure, Cunard consistently demonstrated a calm, cool demeanor while managing challenging projects. Cunard was one of the first project managers to bring the concept of project health reporting to life at Intouch, demonstrating the value of reporting on a project while there is still time to affect change. As senior director, PMO, Cunard will direct project management operations across the organization and continue to help Intouch realize its vison for the project management discipline.

About Intouch Solutions Inc.
Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions Inc. employs more than 650 individuals and is a privately held marketing agency headquartered in the Kansas City area with offices in Chicago, New York City and London. Specializing in solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at getintouch@intouchsol.com or visit them on the Web at www.intouchsol.com.